Chronolocity Vol 1: What is a Chronoton?


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In Chronolocity Vol I : Fistful of Chronotons, we learn about the possibilities of time travel. I know, crazy, right? That is what Levy thought until he found himself hurled into the prehistoric past, where a mission to correct an imperfect timeline is underway. Please check out some of the highlights about time travel and the effects it might have on us all.  What would you do it you were given the chance to re-write your own mistakes? Would you do it or not?




What makes time travel even possible? In our story it is a bluish-green molecular particle called a Chronoton. Check out this “atmospheric” song called the Chronoton from the Clock Opera. Can you hear how time is represented in many forms all throughout this piece?






  Here we see Levy first learning about the fact that his un-expected trip was one through space and time. This is the time pod he arrived in by accident. 

 E-Com close up


Levy’s voice wavers as he speaks again, “Whoa, time travel is possible.” Levy leans against a tree. He laughs. “I traveled through time.”

An all-knowing smile breaks across Mr. Cross’s pale face. “I felt the same way when I made my first jump.” Levy gives a weak smile.

He places a hand firmly on Levy’s shoulder. He gives him a few sound pats. Mr. Cross nods his head. “Feeling relaxed yet?”

“I am trying.” Levy holds his head. “Do you know what this means? The possibilities are endless.”

“That’s one of its selling points: getting a fresh start,” he nods his head at the boy.

“What are you talking about?” Levy looks him in the eye.

Mr. Cross puckers his lips. “Hm.” He pauses. “That is a loaded question. I am not too sure how much I should tell you.”

Oh, no, you are not going to keep me in the dark. Not knowing all the facts about a situation will drive me and my brain insane. Levy tries to act calm, but his mind gets that itch in the center. “So, is the future so bad that people have traveled back to start society over?”


“I saw that in a movie.” Levy was starting to feel talkative. “Though, if you think about it, if people came back to the past, wouldn’t that cause a paradox? You know, because they are actually re-writing history.”

Mr. Cross raises his hands. “Hold on there, science guy, you are assuming a lot about what you do not know.”

“I want to know.”

“I know.” The man pushes back his hat and scratches his thick hair. “We live a simple life. We are trying to learn from the past to make a better future.”



In this scene we learn a little more about Chronotons and their effect on the time stream.

 Blue abstract spheres background


“Well, the Chronosphere is very unique. It allows us to construct certain things but not others. It forces us to simplify things and be a little more creative.”

“What’s it made out of, or can you tell me that?”

“Did I mention, Chronotons?” Mr. Cross fiddles with his hat.

“Time particles?”

“Microscopic little boogers, with minds of their own.



Is he suggesting what I think he is suggesting?Are you saying time is a living thing?  No. Levy shakes his head. That can’t be right.


“Yes, everything in the complex is built from this time sensitive material. If it’s not Chronoton-based, then it won’t work with our program.”

Levy chuckles. “It sounds like they are very particular about how things are done. They sound alive.”

Mr. Cross gives him an odd look and then returns to their previous discussion. “So, the castle got a few new touches to improve upon the drabness.” Mr. Cross adjusts his coat. “It can be rather damp and dreary in some of those halls.”

If that isn’t strange enough, within its walls and fixed between medieval towers and turrets, rises a number of brightly colored geodesic spheres. Their glitter in the distance makes them hard to miss. The buildings have the same bluish-green tint as the Chronosphere.

The color makes more sense now. It was like someone threw Time into a blender, set it on puree, and poured it here…wherever here is. Okay, I am like a fish on a hook. Reel me in. I want to see more.



Mr. Cross brings Levy to the Chronosphere. It is his base of operations hidden in a crater in Arizona 70 years after the dawn of time. (Oh, sorry since the base if made of Chronotons and they love to camouflage, that is why you can’t see it right now.) 


Crater base  

Then it hits Levy. Is this whole Chronosphere like a planet? Does this entire complex move through time? Wild!

It reminds Levy of a mnemonic HTSMTE to remember Earth’s atmospheres:

OH yes, Hits My Tee

Hydrosphere (Water world.)

            Troposphere (Think hot tropics where most of the air is.)

            Stratosphere (Stable air enough for aircraft to fly through.)

            Mesosphere (Meteors burn up here and won’t make a mess.)

            Thermosphere (The thermometer goes crazy out there.)

            Exosphere (The outer place where we exit Earth.)

Round like a golf ball. Hits my tee. HTSME.

Each curved wall has round portal-like doors, sort of the like hatches on spacecraft. The aquamarine tinges with the filtered light make Levy feel as if he is floating in the Pacific Ocean just off the Hawaiian coast.

“I know what this reminds me of.” Levy speaks without realizing it is out loud. He does that when an idea overflows out of his brain. “My mnemonic device for this will be the giant jaw breaker from Anderson’s Sweet Shop.” He makes spheres covered by spheres in his hand. “I picture this like a jawbreaker that has multiple flavors inside. Tasty.”

“Glad we passed your approval on the sweet scale. However, let’s save that enthusiasm for when our situation has improved. Levy, wait here.”


Mr. Cross points to a spot next to him. Levy complies.

In all the excitement, he had tuned out the blaring alarm and why they there in the first place.

Mr. Cross runs his hand across the transparent wall before them. He pounds it soundly and assures Levy, “This Chronoton-based alloy, sythecon, will protect you from any unexpected accidents. Fortunately, your arrival was the first time we’ve had any such anomalies.”



Finally, we learn that a wormhole has to be generated or accessed to attempt a time jump. This is the same freak storm that almost tore Levy apart when he was thrown back in time.

 Time tunnel

“Hold up, wait. What did Mr. Cross say earlier?” He taps the glass as he thinks. “If this is before The Flood, then we wouldn’t see rain, let alone a storm.

Levy’s brain scintillates with the possibilities.

“So, if it’s not a real storm, then what is it?” He takes in the bigger picture: the people, the building, and the whole thing. He snaps his finger. “I wonder if that is…some sort of doorway in time?” His brain runs through a few ideas.

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. If this is man-made, then maybe the spire is a conduit or a conductor used for opening a hole in time and space.
  2. We could be looking at a wormhole connecting two points in time. That would explain the inverted quality of this phenomenon.
  3. Cross mentioned a curious word, Chronotons. They are in someway present when this occurs.


            Levy doesn’t know where to go from there. The lines between sci-fi and science are blurring.


Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered 


For more of the story and how time is changing, read Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful of Chronotons at: Want to hear the whole Clock Opera? Check it out on



 Your friend in time,

G.P. Avants

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  1. The whole idea of time travel has always fascinated me. As a kid I loved it as a setting for the stories I read. As an adult I love it just as much but it also makes me anxious when I think of erasing the future or creating divergent timestreams or changing the past or branching off the prime timeline and all of that. I also think of how nervous I’d be to irreparably mess up the future too! Anyway, I loooooove these sorts of stories even if i waaaay overthink them as an adult :). I’m loving these teasers too!


    1. gpavants says:

      Thanks Micheal. The book is on Amazon now. I am learning how to use Facebook adds to market. A little scary, but I am doing this on faith. Thanks for reading. Hope Levy’s story will do time travel, sci-fi, and fandom justice. Only time will tell.

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      1. I’m going to have to check it out on Amazon then! Congratulations and good luck going forward. My prayers are with you, as always.


      2. gpavants says:

        Hi Micheal,

        Thanks, brother. Have a great week.


        On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 9:04 AM, God Among Geeks wrote:


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