The Lego Batman Movie: “I Don’t Do Ships…”



By: John D. Pepe


Life is about connectedness.  It’s about the relationships we develop, with friends, family, co-workers, etc.  I mean even the most hardened of criminals need basic human contact, otherwise why risk time in “the yard” where you can be attacked over time in “the hole” where one is safe.  The reason being, we as humans yearn to be with one another. That’s just how we were built.


Watching Lego Batman, and his journey from a night stalking vigilantly, who convinces himself he needs no one, to a father figure in the “Batman family” made me realize that without others life just lacks a certain joy.


Batman Dan it

We know Lego Batman does this because he doesn’t want to risk being hurt by letting people in only to lose them, like he lost his parents.  He keeps others at arm’s length because of his fear-his fear of being hurt emotionally. He’d rather keep his heart in “the hole” where it is safe, rather than take the chance of having contact in “the yard” where harm could befall it.


I get this Batman.  I’ve been this Batman.  It is safer, but less fulfilling, I’ve come to realize, just like Lego Batman did.  Without others, our successes are less sweet, our burdens are heavier, our pain has no outlet, and we are never able to be a complete person without others.  Even Batman isn’t Batman unless he has his nemesis the Joker.

batman Groovin

I believe God made us to be social creatures.  I mean look at Adam in the garden of Eden.  He had everything. The best food, peace, dominance over the world, but he wasn’t complete. Not without Eve.


We all need our family and friends.  Very few people will remember who won the Noble Peace Prize five years ago, or who had the winning touchdown in Super bowl XX, let alone which teams happen to play in it.  But you will remember when your friend was there, giving you a shoulder to cry on or when your mom and dad came to your 6th grade recital.  I’m not saying NOT to try and accomplish things. I am saying, not unlike in the Lego Batman Movie, it is better when we are able to share those accomplishments and accolades with our friends and family.  Do “SHIPS,” they are worth it.


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  1. Pepe says:


    I appreciate your like! The more the merrier!


    1. gpavants says:

      Keep up the work, JP! You have an audience.


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