Your Source for the Force


From the God Among Geeks staff: Gary, Rudy, and John

Qui Gonn

Talk about a mash up. Today is National Day of Prayer and it happens to fall on May 4th.  I was going to say only Neekdom knows about May the Fourth be with you, but many in pop-culture are aware of it.  So, this is a good opportunity to remember who really is the force behind everything.

Jedi Never rest

Prayer is really communication. Communication is a two-way street between man and God. As we think about our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, and nation we can bring the presence of the Lord into all we do. As our nation is going through great changes and tough times, we need people praying even more.

Death of Darth Maul

Evil, the Dark Side, if you will, is at work. It doesn’t rest and thank God, He doesn’t either. So, the only way to see good triumph over evil (maybe even show them grace) is to stay in connected, in prayer and our lives, to the real source of the Force.

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