The Fast Track of Destiny



By G.P. Avants


I finally got into the second season of the Flash. It’s taking me time to get up to speed, but we have now learned along with Barry Allen, what the Speed Force is. His journey has taken him places that he could never imagine and has affected all us in many ways.


Barry Allen has struggled with being the Flash and all the responsibilities that come along with the title of a speedster. He has been confronted with people who have suddenly come into power called “Metahumans”.  His job, along with his growing team, has been to learn, educate, and manage metahumans and their effects on the world. This has caused Barry to make rules and guidelines related to being a superhero. He has also met others from alternate Earths who play by another set of rules. These have often come into conflict, causing both sides to break and remake their actions. It all came to a head when Barry is transported into the ethereal Speed Force. There his whole perspective changes. His reasons for being the Flash and the burden he bears alters.  Barry has had many doubts about himself and his situation for a long time. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Barry always considers his choices and the outcome on his friends and family. But the Speed Force, or you could say his brush with Eternity, put his time on Earth, or any Earth in the Multiverse, back into perspective. For that instant he understood who Destiny was and what his purpose as the Flash is meant to be. Barry came back with a faith and a confidence that helped him face the challengers that living in time can have on a person.


Barry Allen and his return from the speed force taught him about faith. For someone ground in the down-to-earth facts this was groundbreaking. Isn’t that what our faith should do? Our eyes are open and we see time as a doorway to a greater eternal life. Our life is not a random collection of atoms and experiences. God made each one of us for a purpose in the time and circumstances He planned long ago. So I pray you find that fast track to your destiny and live out your faith to its fullest.


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