How Edison Lost the Light



By G.P. Avants


Every Star Trek movie has a villain or person who acts like one. In Star Trek Beyond we meet, Krall aka Balthazar Edison. He is a fallen hero who has lost his faith in the Federation. Krall was someone who once fought for freedom, but isolation has taken Edison into the dark without a light to guide him.


Krall knew exactly how to decimate the Enterprise and its crew. Somehow he was privy to the inner workings of the Federation and did everything he could to destroy its peaceful way life. The Space Station Yorktown with all it civilization sat on the edge of the wild frontier. Seeing that serene “snow globe” in space stuck in Krall’s craw. In his hands the Frontier pushes back. He was once a soldier that knew that struggle and trails make real people. Even though he went about things in a pent up rage, Krall was right about one thing. The former captain Edison knew that a comfortable life can easily take away what develops the character or real men and women. Remove struggle, strain, and challenge and you might very well keep human beings from becoming people who are ready for the real tests of life.


Maybe this is a prayer for Christians in the West. Have we become so use to an easy life that we have become a sickly version of a real believer?




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