Why can’t we be friends?


McCoy and Spock

By G. P. Avants


Have you ever had two friends that were cool with you, but are a bad combination on their own? That’s why Jim Kirk shakes his head when Doctor McCoy and Mr. Spock are constantly at odds with each other. In many ways the three of them are the heart, soul, and mind of the crew. In Star Trek Beyond these two adversaries soon find themselves isolated and abandoned with the last person they would ever wish to be with, each other. Logic and emotion do not often see eye-to-eye.


Spock and McCoy crash land on a barren rocky world after the Enterprise and its crew are methodically torn apart. These two are haunted by death every step of the way. We get to see how emotions and logic learn about each other. Yes, they will not agree on everything and neither will become the other. But if they don’t learn to get along without Kirk or the rest of the crew to intervene, they will go where no wants to go. What Star Trek does so well is to flesh out characters to show the complicated dimensions of human nature (Sorry, Spock, that was not an insult). When two adversaries do spend time together, they will either get better or worse. When Spock laughs at one of Doctor McCoy’s one-liners and the Doctor is speechless, the playing field has changed. Funny thing that Emotion and logic realize that they are really two halves of the same brain and body.

Spock and McCpy

Is there someone who gets on your nerves? It might be time to swallow a little pride and try and build a bridge. Hey, you never know, maybe they feel the same way about you and are ready to make amends. I hope you see your adversary, nemesis, or whatever you want to call them as someone who compliments you more then they contrast your character. May that unique friendship live long and prosper.

The Three

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