A Strange Strange World


With both Marvel (MCU) (Strange / Iron Fist) and DC (Enchantress) movies are getting into the world of magic. I thought it was time to give my perspective on the matter. It’s a very sensitive subject in the Christian community,  for reasons i can only assume come from fear and misunderstanding. Let’s try to take some of that away in hopes people can enjoy this mystical, entertaining and “Strange” genre.

i love magic

Let’s go back to 1997 when a first time author got a book published about a boy who found out he has a magical bloodline and is thrust into the enchanting new world of Hogwarts. We all know what happens to this kid, but the books release wasn’t a smooth road. London, Brazil, New Mexico and Michigan all held book burning rallies. Witchcraft, Works of the “Devil”, all accusations that J.K. Rowlings encountered from Christian groups. These groups accused the author of promoting the Wicca religion and banned the book(s) from public schools. Dr Strange recalled a comic series due to a cover art that had the likeness of Christian singer Amy Grant. Christian Groups were enraged at Marvel for suggesting that Ms. Grant would be associated with witchcraft.


We as Christians can get into some sort of tunnel vision when it comes to subjects like this. We let our fear and ignorance get in the way of experiencing what people’s imagination has to offer. God created us and created our minds to have the capability of imagining different worlds and characters with amazing abilities. There is nothing wrong with enjoying fictional tales of magic, wizards and spells. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the notion that a character as the ability to bend time or jump through different dimensions.


There is a beautiful worlds out there my fellow Christians. Drop your stones, let go of your judgement and fear and open your eyes to the beauty of imagination that God has blessed us with. Who knows… you might have some fun!

How does this genre of books and movies make you feel as a Christian? If you enjoy this genre, what experiences have you had on the other side of the line? Feel free to comment!


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. It all comes down to what we put our faith in at the end of the day. I can (and do!) love the stories about Harry Potter, Dr. Strange, the Ghostbusters, and all manner of things dealing with the mystic and the paranormal. But I certainly don’t put faith in it the way I do God. I loved how you framed this – that our imaginations are a blessing. And they are! Plus, stories dealing with the mystic can often be used as the mythic tales of old to get people thinking about morality and ethics in addition to just fanciful fun. That’s important too.


  2. gpavants says:


    I was one of those who heard a lot about Harry Potter and didn’t want to support magic. I understand that we have fiction and fact and how to separate them. I will check out Dr. Strange and see what it is all about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You always make see see something original in your ideas.
    Thanks brother.


  3. jdpepe says:

    Totally agree! I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons for nearly 35 years and it is all just fun loving fantasy. Just a way to expand our imagination. It’s people who I think go off the deep end that give this type of fantasy a bad rap.


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