What the Unknown Really Is



By G.P. Avants

(This is our first entry for Star Trek Beyond. If you haven’t seen the movie, there are a few spoilers, so please read carefully.)

Star Trek Beyond does send the Enterprise crew into the uncharted frontier of space. As Commodore Paris reminded Captain Kirk, it is easy to get lost with only you, your ship and crew in the vastness of space. Kirk who is always living for a new adventure is rethinking who he is and why he is even part of Starfleet. He has lost his way and is desperately trying to get a handle on his purpose.


There were many memorable lines on this movie, but one that struck me was from Kirk’s message to the crew. They answer a distress call from a stranded crew on the other side of a chaotic mess of an uncharted nebula. Kirk says that there is no such thing as the unknown, it is just temporarily hidden. I think Captain Kirk learns to that finding purpose doesn’t have to be so secretive and hard to find. Just be willing to pass through whatever life throws out you even if it isn’t what you thrive on: mundane tasks, routine duties, and interacting with the same people day after day. These common everyday moments hold something special that grounds you when the real trials of life come flying at you. Kirk realized that his journey was a yet to be discovered trek that could be a worthwhile adventure surrounded by those who knew him at his best and his worst.


How often has the fear of theunknown kept you from taking the next steps in your life? How has your faith in the Lord opened your eyes to see this as a chance to grow and change for the better? The choice for what lies ahead is up to you.


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