When Devils Pray and Angels Curse


Knight Crawler Praying


By G.P. Avants

Things are not always what they appear. If you watched the most recent X-Men movie, Apocalypse you met two characters who embody that idea: Night Crawler and Angel.


Both of these characters were thrown together into a cage to battle each other. Night Crawler was called a demon because he had blue skin, sharp teeth, and that long spiked tail. He was pitted against Angel who was graced with chiseled features and beautiful white wings. However, Night Crawler throughout the film was known more for his prayers and acts of faith. Angel on the other hand turned to drinking and eventually sided with Apocalypse whose goal was the bring about the end of the world. These two men inherited the opposite physical features from the real people they were inside.


Isn’t that like life? Many of the kindest good-natured people are sometimes the broken and unlovely on the outside. While some of strong good-looking perfect specimens have the meanest self-destructive attitudes. I hope we all have eyes to see the real person under the skin. It does take more time and courage to see with a different set of eyes.


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  1. Hey, so I really enjoy your blog so I decided to nominate you for a Liebster Award! You can find all of the information here – https://mycomicrelief.wordpress.com/2016/07/03/return-of-the-liebster-award/. Thanks for running a site I enjoy reading so much :). Thanks for all the great ministering you’re doing with your site!


  2. I fell in love with Nightcrawler during the 90s cartoon versions of X-Men, mostly due to his fun personality and his devote faith. I appreciate his character in the X-Men universe. I think the recent film did a good job of balancing his faith with the world and environment that he is exposed to.


    1. gpavants says:

      Yes, lots of great personality is what makes these movies stand out and set a good standard.


  3. Dear, GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on When Devils Pray And Angels Curse. I like how you talked about how sometimes many of the kindest good natured people are sometimes broken and unlovely outside. while some strong good looking people have the meanest self- destructive attitudes.

    From, Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      Crazy, right? I wonder if that is life’s way of testing the character of a person when they pass through trials.
      What do you think?



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