Always Have the End in Mind

Bald Lex


Lex Luther was the perfect example of someone who planned for any and every possible situation. Of course his methods were sneaky, ruthless, and totally unethical, but he always thought about the end results right from the start.

Like a chess game, Lex was already planning his moves to turn the good guys against each other. He had a back up plan already in place with his twisted creation of Doomsday.  Once he committed to his plan, nothing, not even the end of the world, kept him from his one-man mission.


So, here’s the thing, how many of us good guys are that well organized? How many of us who try to do good are disorganized, careless, and do things with a knee jerk reaction?  Knowing we have enemies who are prepared to the teeth to see their diabolical plans come to friction, are we just as dedicated? Maybe if more heroes knew it wasn’t going to be easy, we’d stress less, and be ready even for the unthinkable.

Just a challenge to always be on our A-game especially living in the uncertain times we are in. Your thoughts?


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