Bruce, Don’t Fear the Knight.


G. P.Avants


When Superman v Batman arrived we met a very different Batman. Time has passed for the Dark Knight. He is now an older more mature superhero later in his life. Along comes a newcomer on the hero stage, who shakes up the meaning of a real superhero.

What would that do to a seasoned crime fighter who is more equipped to fight bad guys then learn to trust a new rival on the scene?


Bruce Wayne has always found a way to face the nightmares in his life. Heck, he turned his fear of bats into his alter ego. Yet, now his dreams have taken a turn that he can’t fight off like business as usual. He dreams of a world that will be destroyed. That is because he dreams of Superman. This hero tends to bring cataclysm  when he fights larger than life enemies who on par with his god-like self. Talk about stepping into a whole new playing field.

If I could give Bruce Wayne some advice it would be don’t fear the real knight that you are. You are a good guy so don’t let base emotions, jealously, or rage stain your character. The Dark Knight is still a fighter for good in his own style. Don’t compare abilities with other heroes. Be who you are with or without a mask.


Have you ever been jaded by a bad experience in your life? How have you kept your character when unfair circumstances tempt you to follow a darker path?

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  1. You have written something incredible. Speaking out to others, but also speaking out to fictional characters. In the way you wrote this is so cool! I am a Batman fanatic and I wrote an essay on Batman and Superman, but I wish the story could have been as good as this one, at least in my opinion that is. How did you come across to writing such a thing?


    1. gpavants says:

      I always pray before I start so the ideas connect with people. I really thought about Batman’s journey and what he had been through. He said the either you die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. I am sure we are seeing that come to life as a new power threatens his hero status. I think the best way to get your stories the way you want them is to dig down and make them personal. Get inside their head and see with their eyes, feel with their emotions, twisted as they can be. When you get stuck pray that God gives you those descriptions and details that have real bite and true sweetness. Keep trying. You’ll get it:?

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      1. Wow, I can see why you are such an astonishing writer. God has blessed with words.


      2. gpavants says:

        Thank you. The secret is asking for help.?


  2. Dear GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on Bruce, Don’t Fear the knight. I like how you talked about the batman vs superman. my question is how did you enjoy batman vs superman.

    From Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,

      I get it. I understand how DG is developing darker and deeper characters. They are not like Marvel, but they are trying to get their traction and style. I think you have to look at the character arcs and journeys.

      Thank you, GPA


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