Don’t Make Me Use the Fork

By G. P. Avants 

Some people love learning about historical figures beyond the facts recorded in history books. It is their way of making history come alive and become very personal. However, when one throws in the idea of actually meeting your hero face-to-face, that takes on a whole other level of fandom. In Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons, Levy Roarke is quarantined with three other famous individuals who happened to be younger versions of themselves. One sun notable figure is Levy’s hero Thomas Edison but as an eight year old who often gets on his nerves. In Levy’s opinion making history personal can be a tricky thing when you find out how flawed and imperfect your idols can be. 

“So what you’re saying, is that we could unravel what will be if we know too much about the future?” Junior repeats back Levy’s words. He lets out a whistle from between his teeth. 

“That’s about it,” Levy confirms. “Of course, there are many theories about time. I have one myself, but that’s not important right now.” 

Tom’s mouth is still open. “You are from our future?” 

“That explains the exotic foods and your clothes,” Junior mutters to himself. “You’re from a future version of California.” 

Levy holds up his hand. “I am limited in what I can tell you. Please, don’t ask me about your future. I am already stressed about that.” 

“I want to know.” Tom bounces up and down on his butt. “Ah…no.”
“Tom, shut up and just eat your bread.” 

The four boys are sitting on the floor of the commons. The remnants of their hastily eaten lunch is spread around them. Levy’s news has taken them all off guard. Even Tom was so captivated that he left food on his plate in order to give Levy his full attention. 

“The less I tell you, the better off we’ll all be.” 

Tom sits, but is not very still. “So, you know what we will do when we grow up, right?” He creeps out his question tentatively like a plant with feelers. “You are from the future. So, you know. You know, don’t you?” 

“Exactly.” That is, if somehow I haven’t already changed it.
“So, I’m going to be the most famous patent agent ever, right?”
“No, I’m going to be town mayor.”
“How about a famous inventor?”
Levy bites his lip.
Tom squeals. “I got it!” He stands and salutes. “I’ll be president of the United States of America.”
“Don’t push it, Tom!” Levy points his spoon at the younger boy. “Don’t make me use this.”
“Can’t you even give me a hint?” Tom whines. “Hey, I’d tell you if I was in your position.” 

Maybe you should switch to a fork before you threaten him. 

Ha. Levy rubs the bridge of his nose. I knew this would happen. I knew Tom would be a pain in the butt. Be patient. You need him. You need all of them, remember? 

Get your copy of Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons here. No fork required.

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