The Imperial System


IS 2

By G. P. Avants 


There is a theme in Star Wars that reminds us how temporary life is and what really lies behind the things we see. In that galaxy far far away order and the management of chaos has come at a great price. The Empire’s Imperial system is in order to keep the peace in its own iron-fisted way. In many ways wanting to be the center of things, the Empire created their own man-made technology solar system, complete with a planet, a moon and active metorites. 

Coscuant Planet


“Welcome to the planet Coruscant”


If there was a center of the Empire’s artificial system it would be the planet Coruscant. Located at the deep core of the galaxy with the coordinates of (0,0,0) it touts itself as the place to rule all sentient life. Talk about a place devoid of nature. The whole planet is one megaplois housing representatives from every corner of the galaxy. Imagine layer upon layer of man-made structures as far as the eye can see yet, nothing living, except for its citizens, thrives. It is the center of commerce, galactic-wide poltics, once housed the heights of faith and relgion and even underworld dealings deep down in the shadows. The Imperial rule falls hard here on it’s ebscobded home world taken from a peaceful republic so many years ago. What began as a center for peace became piece of rock that removed hope, faith, and love from its center.

Death Star 2


“That’s no moon!”


Of course as in any space system a planet has at least one natural satttelitte. Keeping with the artificial life cycle idea Coruscant’s moon fell into orbit. Looking at the Death Star the infamous space station shaped like a moon,  you see a hard jab at life. It functions so un-satellite like: it moves undhindered by gravity, it doesn’t shine any hope in the night, but casts a shadow of death in bright daylight. I didn’t even mention that instead of taking the brunt of meteorites and debris to protect it’s parent planet, it uses the Jedi’s own live giving Kyber crystal to eradiate entire planets. It took a symbol of faith that many honored and revered and replaces it with a harbinger of horror and fear. 



“Lost among the stars”


The Imperials are not content with ruling one tiny system. They are all about expanding their reach into every other system in the galaxy under the guise of peace, prosperity, and order. Where some see freedom they oberve chaos and disorder. Coruscant’s solar system’s has active rings of ice, meteors, and asteroids, in the form of their fleet of huge star destroyers. They are constantly flying out to every corner of the galaxy to powerfully enforce the Empire’s cause. When those huge floating cities warp into view, one already feels a strange gravitational effect on their peaceful homeworld. No place feels safe for one never know if you step out of line what might come raining down from the sky.

“Save the rebellion, save the dream”


Living in fear is not living at all. It’s easy to ignore man-made issues if you don’t look up. But for those who look beyond the injustices of their own world there is a different kind of hope. Yes, cruel bosses, leaders, warlords, or even emperors are limited in their sphere of influence. They might think they control the fate of others without seeing their own fate is hanging by a thread. Those who rebel against an imperial man-made system can be easily classified and disturbers of the peace, hateful, dangerous, or even villified. However, once one has tasted of the truth, they can longer bend their knee to a heartless empire. They are willing the risk life and limb, fight for the causes that their parents  gave their lives to. Some truly understand that their hope is beyond the confines of this world, this universe. They found how to be content with whatever struggles they have now because it has a greater goal in a beautiful eternity.


If you feel the weight of the world or even the galaxy on your shoulders, you aren’t alone. If you are tired of a galactic empire that has turned even creation into a slam against the Creator, don’t lose heart. The battle for the lives of mankind and their fragile souls has already been won. The Rebel of Rebels has already fought that fight and won. There is a winning side even though it feels like the Imperial iron fist is squeezing out all life. Even if you land flat on your back, look up. Stop, take a breath and cast your eyes up beyond all the trouble and trial all about you. Those silent stars remind us that the Creator has a system in place that will remain when all pretenders’ time ends.

Death Star


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