Levy’s Soundtrack of Life

By G.P. Avants

Levy Mozes Roarke. Inventor, dreamer, and reluctant hero tasks to save history as we all know it.

Last week I promised that I would share the actual digital technology lesson that I created with my high school students. If you missed the last post that one talked about how to use music and technology to get students to have more buy in with their reading, writing, research, and presentation skills.

So this lesson is called the Sound Track of Life. I created this in Google Slides as a unit that my English 1 students could easily access. In the lesson students navigated with each lesson hyperlink with images. They were given the challenge of creating a ten song playlist on any person they considered a hero, a cause they believed in, a job career they wish to pursue, or just create an emotional response from an audience.

How does this tie in with my book project? I told them two stories. First I wanted to collaborate with my daughter to write a teen novel called, Microcosmic: Awoke. I wanted her to share her writing and art skills in this future series I hope to work on after Chronolocity. So, I created a playlist that described the main character. Elm Woods. As you will see in that slide #5. I wanted her to have a really good idea who this character was so she could get inside her head.

The other reason I shared this was to teach my students about how to advertise something they were working on and how to use digital media to promote that idea. So, slide #6 is the soundtrack I created for my novel Chronolocity. It features my main character Levy Roarke and his story with music. I also connected my two websites, chonolocityhq.com and gpavants.com so if folks like the character they might check out the book. (Which you can discover by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

If you are a teacher or want to use this project idea for your children, please do. Make a copy for yourself and have fun. If you do use it let me know and share your ideas with me at: forbearproductions@gmail.com.


Click here to see, “The Soundtrack of Life” Google Slides lesson.
Check out the Chronolocity series here.
Check out that our creative team is up to this week.

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