The Expanding James Holden

By G. P. Avants

Great characters are timeless. A hero is a hero no matter what time period they are born into. James Holden is just an ordinary man who had greatness thrust upon him. In the coldness of space he and his crew hold the key to a new life for humanity.

In the Amazon Prime series, The Expanse we meet a small team of miners who like many colonists of Mother Earth feel like castaways in the stars. In a very near future man has successfully colonized the moon, inching closer to terraforming Mars and have a number of various settlements beyond the asteroid belt. With tensions high the Earthers, Martians, and Belters rotate near the edge of war between the worlds. In many ways it’s not unlike medieval kingdoms & feudal societies vying for their piece of a wild system spinning around them.

If that’s true then James Holden title as captain, hero, and underdog fighting for the everyday man is labeled by his crew as a knight in space. He gathers around him a small crew of ordinary people each representing the opposing and often splintered homeworlds. Holden’s crew really represents a microcosmic version of the solar system society on the brink of war. If the knight had a round table of fellow warriors then the crew of the Rossi fits the bill. 

Much like the any legend the name James Holden and his deeds, like facing an alienprotomolecule that has threatned to remake humans, becomes a rally call of all races. This knight to many is a king among men. Holden’s sacrifices of a comfortable home and a quiey life echo through space. Fighting his own hero conscience James Holden battles to be the ordinary man he is and facing destiny’s call to do greater things beyond his reach.

I am convinced that all of us, by God’s grace, can handle a lot more than we think we can. The stakes are always raised as history advances forward. As I watch our nation face it’s potentially darkest hour, I see modern day knights, both men & women step into the light. May they not bypass their moment to help turn the tide of war, but instead fight the good fight faithfully to the very end.


Heroes truly are timeless. Like James Holden, Levy Roarke is a modern day knight in his now right. As a junior inventor he seeks to right the wrongs done to his family and takes it upon himself to be the hero his family needs. While you are checking out The Expanse (Seasons 1-5) on Amazon Prime find out more about Levy’s hero’s journey is Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons. No matter how this story turns out, no one will ever look at history the same.

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