Building People Bridges

By G.P. Avants 

Be yourself. I know one thing that is easy to do is fake being the real you. Neeks are teased and are often misunderstood. Sometimes it’s easier to hide your brain when you think people will blow you off.  Here is an interesting stat: Smart girls can easily hide their intelligence if they aren’t challenged early in their life. They might hide that fabulous brain in middle school and just go under the radar with what’s in their head. 

What I have discovered is that smart people can be the most genuine people. They are honest, upfront, and want to connect with others. Wouldn’t you agree that many people are losing that ability to communicate face-to-face with others? So, the need for those who want to be social has never been greater. These are what I call people bridges, ways to connect individuals with one another. 

Here is a scene from Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons when Levy breaks down his social interactions with the younger versions of some famous historical figures. Though he questions his choices, the point is that interacting with other people changes everyone involved. 


Is this what people used to do for entertainment? Levy shakes his head. Next, they will want me to play a board game or something. Before he knows it, he lets his social guard down and he can no longer contain his curiosity.  “How long have you guys been here?” 

The dirty blond-haired boy answers right away“I think it’s been three days…no, maybe a week.” He yawns. 

He’s a talkative one. 

The blondie goes back to the other couch and props his feet up. He begins kicking the wall with his booted foot. “I don’t think I can stand this another day.”

The older boy scratches his curly head of hair, thinking. “Time flies when you are having so much fun,” he drones sarcastically. “I’d say I’ve been here for about, whew, at least a week, maybe a few more days than that.”

“Yes, you were here when they brought me in.” The blond boy grins. “I guess they thought my sense of humor wasn’t appropriate. I remember when I had gotten the cough that I had to stay in my room for a week so as not to spread my illness. This feels the same.” 

 “We are being rude to our fellow captive, Tom.” The well-dressed boy speaks over his shoulder to the blond boy.    

Ah, don’t tell me your names. Levy bites his lip. The less I know, the better.  

He reaches out his hand to Levy. “My name is Martin, Martin King.”

“Hi, Martin.” Levy returns his handshake. A strange awareness tickles his brain. He slowly pulls his hand away. “Your name is… Martin King?”  

“Well actually I’m not really the…” the boy responds.  

Levy sputters, “Whew, for a minute I thought—”  

Thank God. I might have REALLY made a mess of that one. Maybe it’s some other guy with the same—”

“I’m not the first; I’m actually Junior. That’s what I go by at home.”  

 “Junior? Martin Luther King, Junior?”

The boy stares back at him. “Uh, huh. That’s right…” Junior tilts his head to one side. “Hey, how’d you know my middle name?” 

 Don’t tell them another word and maybe the universe won’t explode for another five minutes if you are REALLY lucky.  “Just a guess?” Levy armpits are wet. 

“That’s a pretty good guess.” But Junior lets it go. “Your name is…? Or can I ask that?”

“Ah, it’s Levy Roarke.”  Ah, does this violate the timeline, giving my name?

Junior rolls his fingers. Any middle name since we are obviously going there?”



Levy nods. “More or less.”

“Do you deliver?” Junior snorts. 

“Ha, ha.” Levy cracks a smile. “A sense of humor? That’s cool.”


I am having a flashback to a gifted conference we attended with my daughter. I can see the courtyard and the multitude of people from all different countries. There wasn’t any technology in the way. There were just people talking, sharing ideas, and building people bridges.  I hope this just won’t be a memory to flash back to but a dream to see happen over and over again. 

What are some of the ways you make time to talk to others on a regular basis that is non-technology based? Oh, by the way, don’t do this. Please! Really, this is NOT how to build people bridges. 

Yeah, please don’t listen this advice. Trust me.

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