I am Into Ships

By G.P. Avants 

Did you think I was talking about people? You know ships which is short for relationships? I am but I do mean something else that is almost as awesome. There is something really cool about space ships. Now, I am not a mechanic and I know basic things about any sort of vehicle design. However, there have been some pretty cool ships that I have fell on love with over the years. I have collected a lot of action figures, from Star Wars and Star Trek. Even with all the cool characters my favorite thing is collecting ships.

Here are a few of my favorites. 

The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. What a great ship that has its own personality, history, and theme song. It has the weirdest design and probably like a bee should not be able to fly the way it does, but it does. It’s a one of a king YT 1300 freighters that hasn’t faced any scrape that it hasn’t been able to soar through. 

The Enterprise from Star Trek. Ah, okay I am not going to tell you which incarnation is better. They are all cool (maybe the B and C are my least favorite oh and the J is just weird looking) because of her iconic look, strong presence and theme song, that it wouldn’t be Star Trek without her. Heck, even James T. Kirk the ladies’ man even said that no one would take the place of the Enterprise. They had a special relationship which borders on love at first sight. So, when Kirk had to sacrifice her to save his crew, your heart fell watching the Enterprise burn away in the blaze of glory. When they introduced her into the new movie, you knew that everyone was now represented in the cast. It wouldn’t be the same without the USS Enterprise.


The Bubble Ship from Oblivion. Okay, talk about a very versatile and practical vessel. They did a great job of making the Bubble Ship look like an everyday mode of transportation. It was practical and very maneuverable. Just like the many versions of Tom Cruises character the ship was an extension of the man. There wasn’t a place it could go which allowed exploration to commence. 

The Eagle from Space 1999. Do you remember this ship? It was another hard-working and interchangeable craft. The Eagles kept the crew operational when the base Moon and its base were ripped away from Earth. I had one of these for the longest and time when I was a kid. It was a huge toy and lots of fun to play with. When I had worn out that vessel (Like the crew did all throughout the show) I quickly found another replacement.  

 Okay you who have read any of the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) know what a YT 2400 ship looks like, right? It’s in the same YT family as the Millennium Falcon just smaller. The one I still have is Dash Rendar’s Outrider sitting on my shelf right now. When I sold off 90% of my Star Wars collection so I could get money to publish books, this is one of the ships I held on to. It is from a ship that is a ‘cousin’ of the Millennium Falcon and sort of has elements of a “B” wing. Very unique. 

The B Wing from Return of the Jedi. This is such a cool ship. It has elements of other Star Wars vessels and can reconfigure as needed. This is a cooler ship that even the standard X wing in my opinion. I think the fact that this ship reconfigures and has a wild way of flying interests me. In many ways it’s like Boba Fett’s Slave one. It flies in a style all its own. 

All of these helped to inspire the time pod, E. Com from my book Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons. I wanted it to be sleek, have personality, and be something memorable.  She is designed for navigating through a high intensity wormhole in time. E-Com is very sub-like for sheer-resistance and the fact that it can travel through any sort of atmosphere. Her feminine design is something E. Com takes pride in. Her computer program is very advanced, and she has her own thoughts and opinions about her role in this story. She holds two passengers and when not traversing the timeline can also function in real time space.


Levy jabs a finger in the air a few times. That’s the thing that brought me here. One end of the pod is long and pointed. The other end is spherical. He looks at the ragged scar line. It’s seen some battle. Did that happen when they brought me here? 

 “Ah! I was seeing the creature, um, vehicle’s backside. Yep, those eyes were its taillights. That makes sense.”

It is definitely some sort of a ship. It has elements of a two-person deep-sea research sub. Yet, we are in the middle of a wilderness far from any ocean. This ‘sub’ is probably designed for flight. It has other features that suggest that fact.  It has a highly focused exhaust like a jet aircraft engine. Levy doesn’t see any wings to speak of, but he has seen enough sci-fi movies to recognize the booster rockets, running lights, etc. Is it equipped with lasers and shields? It is the future, ah, in the past.

 It’s oddly organic-look seems to give the pod a mysterious life-like personality. Yep, it would look like a creepy snake head in a dark room. I swear it’s smiling at me with a row of metallic teeth. It looks and feels living. It’s like it was grown rather than built. It definitely has the appearance of a living creature.

            So, like a character from a story or film, a memorable ship can play its part just a living person. They can also take you places you would never hope to visit on your own. Do you have a favorite space-fairing vessel? 

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