Real Nerdatonium

By G.P. Avants 

You’ve heard of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Uranium, and even Einsteinium? These of course are part of the Periodic Table of Elements. They are the building blocks of everything that (as far as we have discovered) that makes up everything on Earth.) If you love science or in a career related to the sciences, you know how combinations of these elements such as H2O (This combination of two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule produces life-giving water) course.  

 If you rearrange and multiply these same elements and add Carbon to the mix (C12H22O11) you get the sweetness of sugar. Of course, not so sweet combination we might quickly run away from, but part of our digestion process is Methanethiol (CH4S Four Hydrogen molecules, and a Carbon molecule are combines with Sulphur) which gives you gas that the odorous scent given off from skunks. So, be careful what combinations you attempt to make. omg

Have you ever heard of the element of Nerdatonium? If you ask junior scientist and inventor, Levy Roarke, he will give you the scoop on this often-overlooked element on the Periodic Table. He coined the word Nerdatonium as the element that makes up nerds, geeks and creative people. It Levy’s theory about how nerds stand out among what he called, “Normies,” or the everyday person.

Here is a short interview that our crack team at God Among Geeks had with Levy Mozes Roarke on the introduction of Nerdatonium. 

Levy, can we call you Levy?

Of course, please, but don’t add my middle name. I am just Levy.

Great, so Levy when did you first coin the term “Nerdatonium?

I am what you call a grunt on the food chain here at Bill Gates Charter. We all know the links on that chain. I am not only a Newbie, but a Class Three Nerd. Yep, I consider myself a moderate in Nerd or nerdian. Some dudes and dudettes can hide their nerdiness behind a sport or a cool instrument. Others like me can look cool but I will admit it’s what I say that puts me on the radar. All I need to do is hear someone mention a sci-fi classic or superhero flick and my mouth starts yabbering.

Got it. 

I think every neek has their own level of Nerdatonium, the element that makes us who we are. 

You classify five levels of Nerdatonium. Class One being the most potent and most recognizable kind of nerd and Class Five being the least amount present in an out-of-the box thinker. Levy, you classify yourself as a Class Three nerd. Why a Three if I can ask?
I can blend in as needed, but depending on the topic being discussed my nerdy ways surface. 

So how is that different than a Class One nerd?

I am not a Class One Nerd because I can fit in a social situation without embarrassing myself. I know some guys who are so smart, but they don’t get the clue when to stop talking. That’s some Brainiac’s curse: the social setting. It can be some people’s Kryptonite if you know what I mean. They think everyone, even the Normies, are totally into their idea, but sadly, that look of brain dead on their face is real. People don’t always get that smart guy or girl.

Have you seen anyone who has trouble with the idea of Nerdatonium?

Chandler, who has been my bud since Elementary, is a five. Yeah, he has been trying to hide his brains behind humor and coolness for years. Let’s just say he has always been my social guru dude.

In our next interview session, we will look at ways of knowing what Class you might fall under. As a disclaimer from God Among Geeks, we are reminding our readers that this is not to put people in a box or stereotype them. This is rather a way to understand how others think and how they interact with others. This way you know how to talk to them, listen, and more patient with others quirks and eccentricities. Levy, do you have any last thoughts for our readers? 

Yeah, I know I make up my own words, but I think the elemental building block of a nerd being Nerdatonium is pretty cool in its own way.

Great, thanks for taking time to give us a little insight into your ideas. What are your thoughts about your Nerdatonium in your life? 

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