Lost in Space Season 2: Problem-Solver, Risk-Taker, Faith-Maker.



By G. P. Avants


When we last left the intrepid Robinson family, they had been lost in space… again, and separated from their colony. Six months later they have begun the process of building a home on another alien landscape. But this was the job of the crew of the Jupiter 2. This is what the signed up to do in order to give the people of Earth a second chance. This is the drive that moves each member of the Robinson family to make best out of even the strangest situations. 


And what a course of  events they are in and have nudged them not into the emptiness of space, but outfitting the Jupiter 2 into a sailing ship to cross a chaotic ocean. Yeah, they had to configure a massive sail, the riggings, and acquire the mariner’s terminology and mindset mush like past explorers. This required all of them, under command of Captains John and Maureen( AKA Dad and Mom) to find an unprecedented  way get the ship to the center of what a massive electrical storm and kick them back into space. 

Lost in Space Mom and Dad

 Situations like these and many others brought out the problem-solver in each family member. It’s amazing to see Maureen’s brain at work. She really is the key problem-solver of the family and then ignites the others into action. That’s how the Robinsons have been instrumental in the survival of the Resolute colonists so far. She saw what looked like a deadly and dangerous situation into an opportunity. Maureen’s drive to keep her family together made problem-solving a normal daily family routine, 


We are never sure of what life sets before us and directions aren’t always given. The fact is all of those English, Math. Science, Histoty andf other course we endured in the classroom have a whol other real time application if we apply their lessons. What a wonder that the information in a book or lecture might become life-saving if we are willing to solve the problem with those truths. 


The Robinsons are also not a conventional nuclear family. Far from it. They haven’t always followed the rules. They have  put their lives and reputations, the family name, on the line many, many times. The Robinsons are risk-takers. That often means they are misunderstood or even vilified for the actions they choose to take. Like all risk-takers they have to look beyond the current situations at a goal that has a greater pay off than what losses they might occur. That often separated them from other colonists who saw only the temporary situation they were experiencing. As Doctor Smith often commented, “Well, you know their Robinsons. They are always doing something better than everyone else.” All her plans were often thwarted because,  “They always have plans brewing and willing to follow through on them.”


Those who think outside of the box aren’t always understood at first. It takes time to see their choices come to fruition. Not all risk-taking pays off and not all have good result. However, if a challenge does arise and the need for change arises,  the door might open for these thinkers to implement their seemingly wild ideas.


Believe it or not our little family of five (six if you count Robot) scientists often take steps that stretch their faith. Some might say that Science and faith are polar opposites. One is based on facts you can calculate and set a course, other is a blind trust that requires a huge leap. But maybe it’s the Robinson’s who understand that love opened up doors that built faith between angry family members with old memories, rivals with grudges, and outright enemies. It was a huge step of faith when John and Maureen let their eldest, Judy assume the role of captain in order to save the colonists children. They combined the hard facts against the odds, and knew in their hearts it was the right thing to do. What looked like a broken family on the surface became a bond of faith that kept the Robinsons connected even light years apart. 

Lost in Space 4

Faith means holding on when everything and everyone is spinning off in opposite directions. That potential world-ending situation affects everyone. Its goal is to spur faith in others close to us and maybe even enemies determined to ruin us. Watching it happen  is a miracle in and of itself. It’s a belief that we are not in control of everything. However everything has a plan in the hands of One who does. Faith also means letting go likew seeing children grow up and loosen our grip on them. Trust them to be the people they are meant to be, and make their own steps of faith. Are these steps easy? Of course not, but the beauty of faith is that it blooms when other things wilt away around us. 

As this post is being dropped our nation and the world is facing the unprecedented Corna Virus. In many ways we face situations that require us to change up the way we do things. Like the Robinson’s and the colonists of the Resolute, we too are facing life-changing events that have potential long-lasting consequences. Times like these test our problem-solving, risk-taking, and hopefully faith-making abilities in real life. And that’s how we take these lessons into our situation at hand. 


As Gandalf once reminded Frodo about facing difficult times, None of us want to face them and it’s not always in our ability to create them. “But that’s for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that’s been given us.” How are you making the best out of an imperfect situation? Let us know. We are family, too.

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