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Here we are at the end of another year. It has been a busy one for me personally. How about you? I have found it good to take time and reflect a little more about why we started God Among Geeks and Neekology101. So this post is not our usual fare, but maybe you might be inspired to let us know who you are and what your connection to the fandom universe it like. 

While preparing for the end of 2019 I was going through some unfinished blog posts and came upon two emails sent too other people who had a heart for reaching out to encourage fandom folks. There are many days when we post a blog on God Among Geeks or publish a podcast episode on Neekology101 and wonder if anyone’s out there? Are we alone in seeking to make a positive impact in the nerd & culture? I know we aren’t. 


Here is a response I wrote to another blogger why we do what we do. I think this came after Star Wars saw a big rise in unhappy fans regarding some of the last films.


Dear Crystal, 

A short while ago we saw the negativity in the fandom community. What’s funny about that is that was one of the last places you saw outright conflict. So, a few of us started a podcast to look at the positive messages and character studies you could learn from Sci-Fi, Fantasy,  and heroes. We are with you on the idea of focusing on the positive to counter the negative messages. I wanted to share our “Free Fandom Forever” episode to let you know you are on the right track.

Between these two outlets if we can be of any assistance or work together to do something good in the middle of it all, 

let us know.

Thank you, 



Jean Grey fire

I believe this response came after meeting fellow believers at Wonder Con. Not everyone of faith gets fandom in its many different forms. On the flipside people who love fandom see anyone of faith as a sign waving crazy person who stands on the fringes throwing verbal hatred left and right. So, being a bridgebuilder isn’t easy so finding others out there encourages you to keep going.


Dear Christian, 

Great meeting you and your group, brother. So, I am sharing God Among Geeks and our podcast Neekology 101. Just so you know we have started at ground zero to reach folks with character-based life lessons we take from fandom. Our goal is to be a first sling in order to build a bridge between the church and the fandom culture. We are more teachy than preachy, and use an edutainment platform. There is so much negativity in fandom and misunderstanding with creative people in fandom. There are even Christians who throw some hate at fandom culture and they leave a bad taste in our cuture because of this. However, it is a mission field fir reaching creative people who are actively trying to influence the media culture. What kind of impact could we make?



We love to hear from you our audience. Whether you are a nerd, geek, creative, someone one who enjoys fandom or actually creates it themselves. Maybe 2020 is the year this all comes into focus for you. We really would like to hear from you. You can contact us directly at

Nerd Christmas .png

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


Gary, Rudy, John, Ron, and Aaron

God Among Geeks and Neekology 101

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