Whoo, Hoo, I’m a Skywalker, Too! 


By G. P. Avants


Is this really the end of the Skywalker saga? Does this mean the end of Star Wars or just the name Skywalker? With so many changes going on in the Disney Star Wars universe we are not really sure what is coming our of hyperdrive. What we do know is the title of Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker gets all our collective heads trying to wrap our brains around this.


Here is what we do know there is a change coming. It might be as simple as a name change for a new line of force users or it could be something that radically alters the galaxy far, far away. (On a side note, does any ever mention in some incarnation of Star Wars, canon or not, what the name of this famous galaxy is?) We do know that Rey and Kylo are the two force-users that will help decide the fate of the Jedi, Sith or whoever wields a lightsaber, affects minds, or…life rocks. Luke Skywalker after much musing and introspection decided that the Jedi needed to die. Did he say that because if the Jedi are gone, their opposite in force, the Sith will be vanquished as well? Who knows, but we do know that both philosophies were lacking something that put them at odds with the other for millenium. Luke in many ways the everyday man, reflected the attitude of the citizens of the galaxy: everyone was tired of this constant warfare. 


This might explain why no one came to help Leia and the Resistance when they were down to a few rebels locked away on Crait. (wait locked in a crate?) Whether we agree with Kylo Ren’s passionate plea with Rey, that we should let the past die, or kill it if we need to, it’s sometimes the path we are meant to take. Life has cycles of birth and death, war and peace. When we fight against them in order to maintain my own comfort more that what is naturally meant to happen, that might just be fighting something meant to mature me and help me grow up. 


Luke Skywalker after getting his eyes off himself and getting a little knock to the head from his wizened old master, Yoda, understood a paradigm shift. Those who seek to do what is right don’t always do things right. They make mistakes, they have shortcomings, weaknesses, doubts and..”failures most of all,” Yoda reminds a weary worn Luke. “Luke, we are what grow beyond. That is the true burden of the master.” Fueled with that idea, Luke took on the role of a hero  in a epic hard to imagine faced off Kylo Ren in order to save the last of the Rebellion. It cost him his corporeal life as he became one with the Force, but it solidified the name Skywalker in the annals of legend, 


If the Jedi are no more what will they be knows as? Some would say that Rey and Kylo each have the two part of a healing that they force already gives. There is a middle ground that gets to heart of one who seeks to live out a spiritual life of faith in a world of extremes. Some called them the Grey Jedi who knew how to balance the logic and the emotion, the calm and the passion, the chaos and harmony. What can balance both of these polarized ideals. Love. Where there is love we see how learning and understanding uncertainties work together. Passion and emotions can be a source of connection and strength, forgiveness and healing. Love brings peace in the midst of chaos, and burns away the cold barren places that can threaten to isolate each of us. 


Could it be out of Luke’s sacrifice of love that a new order will arise that takes his name in honor of the fallen Master? The word got out and his story is powerfully reaching from the Core to the Outer Room, from the palace of the Queen of Naboo to even the lowest broom boy in a ferrier stall on the planet of Canto Bite. Could the title of Skywalker be something the new force-users call themselves and a Rebellion reborn rally around? 


Is that too far of a stretch? My fellow podcasters laughed at me when I suggested the idea. They thought that so much time, energy and money has been fueling the Jedi/ Sith war for so long. Why would the powers that be throw those ideas in order to create a whole new untested concept? Could you imagine Rey truly becoming a Skywalker? We already know that Kylo is one already, by blood, but not in heart, not yet. What would turn him? Could it be the power of love? Just so we are clear, love doesn’t aways come assailing a heart with a “spriiing” from Cupids’s arrow. Love is patient, kind, forgiving, firm, self-controlled, etc. You could say that all Godly virtue that mankind should exhibit is summed up in that one four letter word. It could be that Rey who is a shining example of love be used to move the heart of a lost Kylo and see the rend of the Jedi and Sith be healed. They take the name Skywalker as those who walk the higher path of love in action which is really how the galaxy should be ruled. So, whoever wants to join this new order the too can be excited and honored to take the name Skywalker as their own. Yes, we see you too, little broom boy, That means you, too. 


Am I off base here. What do you think about Skywalker being the name of the new Jedi order?

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