Spiderman Far-From Home:  Practically Perfect Peter Parker


Here is a little tribute to Spiderman. With Sony and Disney working out the future of our hero, we can enjoy the reflect on the latest incarnation of our favorite web head.


By G.P. Avants


Peter Parker is back in high school after the “blip”.What is the blip? This was the Avenger’s reversing of Thanos’ “snapture” that erased half of all life in the universe. People popped back five years later but the same age as they left. Confused? I would be, too and like the kids left behind a little ticked at having to repeat their Senior year so everyone could catch up.


Anyhoo, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is moving forward in his life. Tony Stark’s Iron man role is empty as is the mentor Peter had come to admire. The pain of loss weighs heavy on him as the world looks for a new hero to take his place. That’s a lot of pressure on a 16 year old boy. Aunt May,Happy and Ned  have become his superhero support system,even dubbing his famous Spidersense, to Peter’s chagrin, as the “Peter Tingle.” He and his science are taking a summer trip to Europe. Peter has plans to leave behind his life as an Avenger for a bit and just be a teen. He has plans to tell MJ how he feels and make some special memories. 


Wouldn’t it be great plans worked out perfectly like they do on our heads? 


Packing up a suit case with Uncle Ben’s initials on it, Peter sidesteps Nick Fury’s attempt to draw him into a world bigger than his one in Queens. Every attempt that Peter attempts at a normal teen thing, seems to get re-directed and highjacked. His plans for nerdy romance is also being thwarted by a rival science geek who is also making the moves on MJ. In classic Peter Parker fashion he fights two storm fronts that eventually collide in a cloud of fire, smoke, and theatrical drama. Friends become enemies, rivals become friends, secrets revealed change the course of everyone’s life. Like I said this is a typical teen movie with a superhero flavor added in. 


We get to see the inner workings of Peter Parker’s mind. He geeks out when Quinn aka Mysterio tells him he is from an alternate Earth not Earth 616 that we inhabit. Peter’s is fired up about what the realities of an parallel universes would entail. When Peter’s shares his plan to give MJ a Black Dalia necklace in Paris, you know the state of his heart and his attentiveness to Mary Jane’s desires and wishes. Tony Stark left behind a pair of his classic glasses, for Peter which housed E.D. I.T. H. An AI that allows Peter to protect the world via Stark Technology. (Edith was Tony’s last reminder of his role as a mentor: Even Dead I’m The Hero).But Peter is unsure of himself and his ability to be the hero everyone needs. He can’t compare as a romantic when his rival is a ladykiller. He seconds guesses  Tony’s choosing him as a successor and assists Mysterio in realizing his dream of being the center of a team the show. 


If you ask Peter Parker to project his progress as protector of the people in his life, he probably plead he was a poor choice for a potential protagonist. 

Yet, Peter’s journey is what Tony Stark hoped would happen. As his mentor, Tony never second-guessed his choice of a successor. Peter didn’t have to be have all the answers, fix everyone’s problems or appear to win ever battle in order to be an Avenger. The real heroes, leaders, and servants of men take up a burden of the world and think they have to do everything right in order to set everything right. But no one is ever ask to shoulder this burden of perfection in an imperfect world. 


Maybe the breaking point is the doorway for God to begin a greater work in their lives. Humility is not lack of confidence in one’s own ability, but the surrendering of a person’s availability into a calling that is bigger than themselves. That, my friend in how the messy, messed up, misadvadventures, mayhem of our lives, becomes the perfect place for a perfect God to present a plan for imperfect people to prosper.


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