Selfie with the Hulk? 

“The Avengers have changed after Thanos’ Snapture. Some for the better, some of the worst and some, wait what?” 


By G.P. Avants 



The last time we saw the divisive team of Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk they were at war within themselves. But wait! What is going on?  As Steve Rogers, Natashi, and Scott Lang search out answers with Dr. Banner who is not himself. 


After 18 months of tinkering with the original Gamma Radiation experiment we have what appears to be a blending of two polarized personalities. He’s called Professor Hulk by some, the mind of Bruce Banner and the body of Hulk. What a great change to see this new personality come on the scene. 


But, do we realize how incredible this massive change meant? Hulk was fearful and cowardly after having his behind getting handed to him. Banner became the strong one who took charge of his own destiny. Can you imagine what had to happen to them both to get to this point? Wouldn’t you like to have been part of this little heart-to-heart? 

Well, thanks to fan-fiction, maybe you can. We just happened to create an episode to try and bridge that. Check out our fan-fiction pieced called, “Who’s the Brain in this Outfit.”

Episode #50 Who's the Brains in this Outfit_ (1)

Professor Hulk has a new lease on life and even getting to wear stylish clothes that fit him. As a fresh of new life enters back into the universe, the new Avengers look ready to face the challenge. Oh, before you leave let’s stop and take a selfie of this moment. Smile. 


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