No More Kree for Me! 



By G.P. Avants



The hype is over! We now have a new emerging heroine emblazoned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some people call her Vers and others simply Carol. But along with Nick Fury we know this newest Avenger as Captain Marvel.

20181115-120505-86457q NH Obit Stan Lee 11_15.jpg

Before we start this transformational journey can we talk about Stan Lee? You good with that? What a great tribute to another hero in his own right. As the signature Marvel opening credits began, Stan’s memorable face and disarming smile was the only hero being featured. Of course as an appreciative audience Mr. Lee was thanked for his service with hearty hoops and hand clapping.


As if two ships pass in space, we now are introduced to Vers as part of an elite Kree fighting force. Vers may not remember her past beyond the vivid dreams, but she does know what being a dedicated and serious (aside from her dry wisecracks) soldier is. She was infused with the Kree warrior DNA at some point in her fuzzy past. Since that point she followed orders and fought the good fight against the Skrull scourge. That was part of  protecting a way of Kree life that, in her opinion, all the universe should gratefully embrace.



As the Kree’s AI leader, the Supreme Intelligence reminded  her, “Serve with honor, and the Kree above all.” But as we all have been similarly conditioned by the Marvel leaders, “Never take a character’s story at face value. There is always something else to consider if you look at things from a different perspective.”


And of course right on cue, enter the mysterious, shape-shifting, mortal enemies of the Kree, the Skrull. They have the ability to transform their reptilian selves, much like camouflage, into Kree, fellow soldiers, or even clueless human civilians. These creatures are what connect the Kree to Earth and  changed Vers perspective on her entire life. (You could say Vers will Veer off course from this point.)


Falling painfully back to Earth, Vers literally break the block landing in 1990’s icon Blockbuster Video. As if watching the old flicks of her past life, Vers mind is starting to put the broken pieces of her memories back together. Also on cue right from the movies and accompanied by a 90’s soundtrack,  ( blah, not my favorite genre for my own broken memories) Nick Fury and Phil Colsen, agents of Shield rap on the door. The Earthmen, in Vers’ opinion have no clue what they are stepping into. In reality Earth has become a turning point in a war that has lasted for quite some time.


As Vers pieces together her missions specs, the empty spaces in her life begin to fill in. Her old commander was actually Captain Mar Val helping the refuge Skrull to find a home. Her framily gives her back the other half of her name in a rent and charred dog tag. “I’m Carol Danvers.” Carol was part of a bigger conflict where she was forcibly made to shift sides against her forgotten past. “Wait, the Skrull are refugees just trying to find their home?” They are actually funny, personable, and very loving. (So un-Kree-like.) Appearances are truly deceiving especially in this case.


Oh, and Goose the orange cat wandering a top secret installation( wait, since she was an ace pilot, was this an obvious Top Gun reference I just got?) was really a feared Flirken? Carol learns to not get too close, they are very vicious. Just ask Nick Fury.  He’s keeping his good eye on that cat from now on.


Carol learned some great life lessons from her time a solider and a captain. She knows now not to follow blindly. It’s good to ask questions. It might save your life, or the life of others, and discover mysteries like the Tesseract. Carol also learned to look beyond the surface of things. Instead of reacting with pure emotion and knee jerk reaction, she took time to rekindle old friendships and forge new ones.  A good solider can be tough and tender. Carol also learned that her real superpower didn’t come from an man-made faster than light drive. She learned that when life knocks you down over and over and over you get back up. That may not require superhuman strength, because that can fail us or be taken away. That comes from a little pinch of faith. Faith that you are fighting a fight bigger than you are and you can draw on a strength greater than the struggle you will face. Carol, welcome to the…Avenger’s Initiative.




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  1. Emily Faith says:

    Nice one! I haven’t watched this one yet.


    1. gpavants says:

      Lots of interesting backstory for her and Nick Fury.

      Liked by 1 person

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