The Sadness Channel


By G.P. Avants

All the Emotions

I am not sure if I have ever shared the fact that I am a high school teacher. I am one of those crazy creative English teachers who has a hard time following the prescribed way of doing things.  I am not a outright rule breaker, I just have to do things in my style. That is how my English 2 became a movie critique course. I show students how to watch movies and pull the literature information from them just as you would from a book. This was one younger student’s, Ms. Franklin’s genius idea and I adopted the idea in my class. So, students learn the 8c’s of Literature: character, conflict, conduct, conditions, context, crutch, configuration, catharsis, through great movies that all have great messages.


During one of last films we delved into the world of Pixar. I can’t say enough about John Lasseter and his awesome team at Pixar. They have consistently created some memorable and frankly life-changing movies. Inside Out is one of the best. It centers around eleven year old Riley and the emotions in her head. What a great insight to people and how they manage their emotional health though all the challenges and changes in life.

Sadness 3

The students are always asked to create a media-related project based on what they learned from the film. With Inside Out we wanted to do a social experiment that involved the stirring of emotions. Each student had to chose an emotion: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, or Fear. Using Spotify, Sound Cloud, or another streaming music site, create a ten song playlist that would elicit that emotion from the listener. They had to include some research and rationale behind why they personally experienced that emotion when they listened to this song.

Sadness 2

Are you ready to be one of our test subjects? Using this Google Drive link and a free Spotify sign up, you can listen to my “Sadness Channel”. After you listen please give me back some comments on this blog. Did you feel sad or even a little melancholy after listening? Which song or songs affected your emotions and why? What song would you add to this list and why do you think it’s considered a sad song?

The Sadness Channel 

Sadness 1

Listen and get a little emotion. C’mon getting a little emotional is good for you.

giphy (1)

Would you do something else to help us all connect and support our creative fandom folks? If you love Pixar films and you want to show them a little love, here is the contact page for them.  We are also looking at connecting all of our fandom folks through our sister podcast, Neekology 101 on Spotify. We are looking for YOU and your fandom friends to join our listening audience.






Do you love Pixar as much as I do? Why not show your love and emotional support? tell

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