The Lost (& Found) in Space


Will Robinson


By G.P. Avants


Have you ever felt like you are all alone in cosmos? The concept is called “cosmic loneliness”. Some in a crowded room or a huge noisy family, have actually experienced isolation or not feeling like they connect with anyone. In whatever space you are, you have feel lost, alone, or unimportant.

Lost IN Space

The Robinson Family reminds me of how easy it can be to feel Lost in Space. They left the confines of the overly crowded and polluted Earth with a select group of colonists. Released from their ship the Resolute in an explosive escape they are just a handful of Jupiter ships that crash landed. But even more sobering was the fact that the Robinson Family, even before their expedition, were a dysfunctional family. If anyone experienced a case of Cosmic Loneliness it was Will, Judy, and Penny. They were considered a family unit, but had a issues that nobody talked about.


In all the lostness far from everything familiar, they were all reminded they were not alone. Gazing up at the wonder of a night sky I think Heaven was gently tugging on their hearts. That moment, to me, began a reversal of things. Slowly, even in the outside lostness they began to rediscover the important things that made them a family in the first place. Like a ripple in a placid pool, that feeling of loneliness began to wash away, and the other colonists began feeling more united again.


There are days when we all feel that disconnect. It can come in so many forms and lead to fear, depression, and separate us from those we love. If and when you ever do remember this: You are not an accident and God has a purpose for your life. It’s funny, but this piece actually started months before I watched this show. We were in a medical university at Loma Linda. They showed us the early stages of human life in the womb. When I gazed at the amazing colors and details it looked like a galaxy in outer space. What God made on a massive scale in the outer space of universe He also did in within the intimacies of inner space. To me God’s care with His entire creation reminds me what the cure for cosmic loneliness is. In all of the universe, in all of time, He only made one of you. It sounds to me that someone thinks relationship with you is that important. Wouldn’t you agree? Could this be the cure for cosmic loneliness?




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