Pay it Sidewards 


By. G. P. Avants


In the vein of negative news and angry fandom attitudes, we are discovering the power of social media. I discovered that money does have its importance for many, but getting positive reviews have a weight of their own.


Think about it. If people provide nothing but negative and hurtful comments and criticism, wouldn’t a little positivity stick with you? I assume the Lucas Film people are getting worn out with the some fandom folks flinging hateful online flack. Recently I was reminded by our new AC guy, Ralph that Yelp reviews are better than money. He got us a great deal when our air went out during the hottest week of the summer. He didn’t take tips. What really helped his business was some positive reviews. To him it like a breath of fresh air and a gift that kept on giving. We all know that people looking for good, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy help rely on the word of mouth of satisfied customers.


The idea of paying something forward keeps good things alive in others’ lives. But like Willy Wonka’s great glass elevator it just doesn’t travel in one direction. Those positive comments we make, maybe with helpful correction, flow in every direction, upwards, forwards, even sidewards. In a highly charged and negative world, positive words do a work that can undo so much of that bad influence. It usually is quiet and doesn’t call attention to itself. Positive things have a time table and long-lasting effectiveness that might take years to yield results.

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Seeing the best in a bad situation isn’t popular. But really those who try and fix a situation already know they have to take abuse at times. They see the bigger issue and can wait on the results. I feel that making reviews and positive comments are an economy that good people value. Sure negative trolls might create a Facebook thread a mile long and love the short term high it gives. Yet positive reviews build relationship and elicit trust that can last a lifetime. Get the word out!

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