A  Bad Ass Princess



By G.P. Avants


They all stand at the edge of a precipice. The remains of a broken Jupiter ship falls  taking the wild-card-of-a-pilot, Don West, with it. Miraculously he climbs up the edge of the cliff to the shock of the other survivors.

Don shakes off the dust and his pride. He comments to Judy Robinson,  “ I am bad ass princess.”

Judy smirks, “You said you’re a princess.”

“There’s a comma in there. I’m a bad ass, princess”

Bad Ass


This reimagining of Lost in Space has brought together the characters with reshuffling the deck. Don West was onboard another Jupiter along with Dr. Smith when crash landing with the other colonists. Don is already a seasoned pilot who has grown  cynical. He has transported colonists over the years to find a better life on Alpha Centauri. This new colony has become the salvation for many as Earth gasps for its last breaths. Don has a secret life as a smuggler of contraband items, which he claims is the essence of an entrepreneur.


By his lack of family attachments Don lacks some of the social graces that keep from being fine outstanding colonist. His honor has been challenged constantly. The eldest Robinson, Judy, considers him a slug of a rogue, making a profit off others misfortunes. When the chips are down she says he is nothing a real hero or family member should be. Don feels like no one takes him or what he can contribute very seriously.  But Don gets a chance to lay aside his gruff outer obnoxiousness and take one for the team. That one moment of heroism that led him to another more dangerous one. He was nudged, pushed, albeit ejected from his comfort zone to possibly reveal the real heart for others hiding inside. The Robinson’s story of real family even broke his outward smugness with a few heartfelt tears. It’s amazing that it sometimes takes getting lost to discover you might have the makings of something better inside.



Would you agree that life and it’s routines can dull your perspective on things? Negativity and cynicism love to hunt down, attack, and corrupt people. Sadly, all those character scars can turn  even good-hearted people hard. We all pass through this life, but we get to choose how we respond to the things we experience. I believe the key is to surrender our character, our heart to God. Then, with a new nature that thrives under pressure, beautiful and powerful things come out. Want to see people freak out? Find the positive in negative. Let trouble become an opportunity to change a situation. Finally, if you don’t mind my saying, “If life gives you crap, make manure.”  There are people who need to be pushed to the edge before they see the value of other people. Where do you stand?





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