Not So Simply Incredible



By G.P. Avants


When we last left Mr. &Mrs. Incredible (5 minutes in their world, but 14 years in the non-animated world) they were coming out of the shadows and bringing “supers” back into the light. For almost two decades being known as a super hero was against the law. So, stepping in the save isn’t always greeted with enthusiastic cheers.


The Parr family (AKA The Incredibles) have fallen on hard times. They have lost their home, their jobs, and have two weeks in a hotel on the hero protection’s bill before they are homeless. At the dinner table they discuss the real elephant in their lives. Why do good people get the shaft so often and are treated as the bad guys?  Violet and Dash make their opinions know:  being a real hero really can be the pits. The family feels like things are backward. The world needs heroes, but doesn’t realize it.   People don’t understand supers really do help others out of the goodness of their hearts without a hidden agenda. The kids realize after a while why people give up. Being labeled as a misguided do-gooder without a clue, can mess with your sense of right and wrong.


As the roles in this their family change, Elastic Girl becomes the bread-winner and Mr. Incredible is the stay at home dad. He tries to be a good parent, but between new math, figuring out how teen relationships work, and trying to hero-train their youngest, he is a wreck. But we see a wonderful moment when Mr. Incredible wonders if he can cut is as good parent when he is being shelved as a hero. Violet comforts her exhausted and discouraged dad, “You aren’t a good dad…you’re a super one.”


What a world where good people’s motives are called into question. How about the daily news announces over and over that maybe your motives are wrong or misguided. It gets too easy to believe it. Don’t believe it! Those of us who still believe in everyday heroes should. If you are one that feels the world is trying to douse your light remember true goodness comes from God who gives it freely to those who ask. Please ask. The world needs it.



Isn’t it true the verse that says, “Don’t be weary in doing good for in due season you will reap a reward if you faint not.” Good men and women will win in the end especially in a world that doesn’t value them, but Heaven does. Parents, friends, policemen and women, teachers, whoever you are remember you are a heroes.  God knows your hard work will pay off in the end. The supers aren’t gone, they are right here and they can still make a difference.

Incedible Dad



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  1. (Ru)Ben Cashman says:

    I agree with the statement that good people win in the end,personally i do stuff good but never ask for recognition but if it were someone saving lives glorifying them would make a lot of sense. it has been seen before as doing something good could be seen as wrong. but it only takes one person and it could change everything.


    1. gpavants says:

      Right Ben,
      Stick with it even while taking flack. It makes heroes stronger in every way.



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