Pop-Goes the Culture 


By G.P. Avants

I want to thank our readers for indulging our wild ideas and different formats for our God Among Geeks and Neekology 101 pieces. Today we have a poetic retelling of a moment from the recent Marvel blockbuster, Infinity Wars. Here we are unwillingly rocketed into space onboard one of Thanos’ Black Order ships.  Tony Start and Peter Parker form a crazy plan to save Dr. Strange and the time stone from certain disaster.



Mr. Stark, Mr. Stark, I have an idea.

What’s that Mr. Parker? 

We don’t have much time

And danger is drawing nearer.



Remember that movie 

With aliens in space? 

Mr. Parker, please, 

We are looking danger 

In the face. 


Mr. Stark, I think my idea

Will fly. We need to work 

Together or Dr. Strange’s

Time will die.


You and your pop-culture

References, Peter. 

Really? Right now?

It worked with taking 

Ant-man, didn’t it? 

Like taking down 

An Imperial Walker 



Oh, boy, kids today…

Please Mr. Stark, 

There is no other way.  


Movies are one thing, kid,

This is real life and death.

The Doctor’s a human 

Pin cushion, drawing

His last breathe. 


Trust me with my crazy ideas, 

Mr. Stark. 

Even if it feels like a stab

In the dark. 

You made me an Avenger

For a good reason

Heroes are heroes

In and out of season.


Please tell me

You aren’t going

All Dr. Seussish right now

And bringing me in

With your…whole



I’m just in the moment

That’s how my brain thinks.

Sorry if…my silly, crazy, pop-culture idea

Kind of stinks.


Okay, kid, okay.

Every hero has 

Their own style, 

And fights their fight

In their own way.

Start spinning…your webs,

Go save the day.


Thanks, Mr. Stark

For trying my 

Crazy scenario. 

Now, are you ready…

Not really, but, 

We can give it go.

Okay, whew, 

Here we go. 


Gary Bitmoji



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