Walk the Fence Between the Worlds

The King


By G. P. Avants


The King is dead. The prince rises to take his place. The world is in turmoil, unrest, and divided. Yet, the secret world of Wakanda is united, at peace, and even with different tribes, they pledge their loyalty to a new Black Panther. They hold in their hands an amazing balance of tradition and technology, wild nature concealing a nation of modern wonders. The Wakandans are men and women on equal footing with great character and honor. Yet, they are fenced in with very little interaction with the chaotic world without.


T’Challa has been protector of Wakanda as the vigilant Black Panther. Like his father before he hides their people in plain sight. Wakanda, thanks to the impact of Vibranium, has become more advanced that any nation on Earth. From this vantage point they see a broken world on the edge of self-destruction. I wonder if the Black Panther ever feels like he is walking a rickety fence between a divided world? His counsel from his sister Okoye and his ex, Nakia is to find a way to bring Wakanda’s wealth of technology and wisdom into the world.  He has many voices speaking one message: the world is changing. How will you respond to it?


I can see T’Challa shaking his head and thinking do himself.

“How do we help? Can we actually remain who we are as a people and not be changed or overcome by greedy nations all around us? If we help people we also take on their issues and problems.” As T’Challa faces a death to himself, he finds counsel with those who have gone before him. Their words echo in his ears:


“Prepare to struggle.”


“It is hard for a good man to be king.”

The Women

“Choose good people to be around you.”



What he does as king will change everything. T’Challa knows he is not a king like his father. It distresses him at first until he realizes that no one does it perfect. The Black Panther from the fence between the worlds now knows that a wise man builds bridges, but a foolish man builds walls.

The BP SHake

As believers in Christ, the world watches us, too. We have something more powerful than Vibranium that was sent to Earth as  a gift from Heaven. We have what we need  to prepare for the battle to come.  Can we be ready to share the gift of life for those wild and dangerous people on the other side of our walls? Some might feel the secrets of eternity will be squandered by an ungrateful world. Fear can make even a man or woman of godly character feel they fail and let others down. No one will be perfect, but we serve a God who is. He has given all we need to make an great impact in our nation and the world. It is our choice to be the wise man or woman who builds that bridge or play the fool who hides behind a wall.

The Dor




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