Do Our Lives Matter? 



By G. P. Avants


My brother Ron steered me into a whole new Sci-Fi universe when he told me about the show Dark Matter. Ron said I would find the stories interesting and the characters very relatable He wasn’t wrong. Right from the start I found this show unique in its own way, yet grounded in what good science fiction should be.


Our six characters and their faithful Android wake up aboard the Raza a space ship in crisis. They wake from stasis without memory of who they are and why they are on this ship. Without names they call themselves by the numbers by which they woke.



One is a man with a face not his own, but a natural peace maker.


Two has amazingly abilities that she uses to help guide the crew as their leader.


Three is a wild card smart mouth who has a thing for weaponry.


Four is attuned to the Asian arts of self-defense and patiently studies everything like a puzzle to solve.


Five is a huge man with a heart of compassion and kindness, yet a he will defend his friends with great fury if need be.


Six appears to be a young teen girl who doesn’t fit in with this motley crew. She does have a genius mind for anything electronic so she gets Android while others don’t.


Oh, and we have Android. She is an artificial life form that learns how to be human by the example of these six lost and confused individual.


These seven have no choice but to stick together to discover who they are to brave a hostile system gunning for them. These seven strangers are already labeled at bad asses who reek havoc and together are a force to be reckoned with. That is their outer image that society sees. The truth is the reason they are so lethal together is they’re putting their individual pasts aside and are seeking to be heroes instead. Deeper still is the fact that their struggles, mishaps, and life-altering discoveries is how their tight family unit is born. As the show progresses they began to uncover their past lives. Again the crew of the Raza must decide to throw aside the bonds of family or embrace the challenges that tend to isolate people from the people that care for them.


But as all relationships work, life throws up the past in order to shake up the present. The Lord gives his children the chance to walk away from the old lives that once defined them. He does say that we can be new creatures in Christ and we are dead to our past. The reality is our past will try and darken our new lives daily. But we can firmly stand on the fact that we are new and that means taking ever experience through the new filter of Christ in our lives. People like Android are learning how to be real people by our example. Who know maybe she will have the confidence to step out in faith and be a new person, like Ann Droid.







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  1. jdpepe says:

    I think it depends on what we do with our lives Gary as to whether or not they truly matter

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    1. gpavants says:


      If we find Jesus then our lives finally begin. He is the only thing that matters.


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