This is Not Our Universe 



By G. P. Avants

Star Trek Discovery Episode #10


The Starship Discovery lives up to its name many times over. Its mission was first a mission of exploration, but then they, along with the Federation of Planets, were suddenly thrust into the fires of war. In the midst of a major victory over the Klingons, their one-of-kind spore drive took one misdirected leap. As far as anyone can tell this starship had entered a reality that was not their own with a whole other set of rules.


The crew of the Discovery came to realize that this alternate reality was mirror of our own. Here in the Mirror Universe, war and conflict are a normal way of life. The peaceful Federation they pledged their loyalty is replaced by a back stabbing, xenophobic blood-thirsty regime. So, all non-human races, once part of the Federation like Vulcans, Andorians, are in league with rival races like the Romulans. Everyone is looking for the next reason for a battle or a reason to inflict pain, mentally, physically, or sexually. A common greeting among the warmongering Imperial Star Ships was,

“Happy hunting and long live the empire!”

Mirror 2

The only way our fearless crew can survive was to blend in until they could discover a way home. The crew had to look and act like those around them. Here each crew member had a counterpart that might be scarred, hateful, twisted, or down right evil. Our peaceful crew was shocked by their exposure to forces greater then themselves.


The Captain of the ISS Discovery is Captain Killey, in contrast to our universe’s Ensign Tilly who is a mousey insecure crew member. The alternate Burnham and Lorca are presumed dead, while other minor crew members have fought to rise to new roles of power. Nash Tyler who has survived a Klingon prison, torture, rape, and PDST, in our reality was now thrown into place where he has lost his hopeful resilience.


The longer the Discovery crew stays, the more evident that the people of this abusive Empire live in constant fear. The Empire is a facade, covered by the language, hatred, no courtesy, all painfully awkward, putting in a false bravado with no real character underneath. The true faith and character of our fateful crew is tested in this unstable a volatile crucible. The Discovery cautiously navigates though dangerous waters of great unknown. As our former mutineer Michael Berman can testify with tears that there are painful memories inflicted by those who have abused us with love.


Isn’t it true that even in our imperfect universe the enemy tries to get inside and transform us? As believers, we are trained to be the real leaders, honest men and women, representing a real united federation in a harsh universe. No matter how life tries to make us change, the real friends and companions will protect each other. In the midst of debris there is destiny.  Have you come to discover that this universe as we know it isn’t our eternal home? It is a dark reality of what the Lord intended.

We have lived so long that we have almost forgotten we are made for a better place. Our quantum signatures are not consistent with the matter around us


How does this work? How much do we adapt to fit in this backward universe? I think remembering that like the Discovery we have been dropped into an fallen, selfish, and chaotic situation. Thank God that He can keep our character and purpose in tact while we pass through this place on our way home.

It might be a fight to maintain who we are, but there is a far far better place awaiting us when the fight is done.



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