By G. P. Avants

Wow! What just happened? I am sitting back looking at DC’s Wonder Woman and realized the superhero game has changed. In many ways the journey of Diana of the Amazons dropped into the middle of World War 1 and therefore shook up our view of history.

WW Taking a hit

How do I summarize this in a short piece? The character of Diana Prince is one of finding you destiny while at the same time seeing your limitations and frailties. Diana, though raised as an Amazonian never quite fit in. Compared to other female warriors, she is small and over-protected by her mother the Queen. She and the other Amazonians, in order to keep peace and order have been hidden from the rest of the world. The war to end all wars which draws all nations of the world into its conflict, breaks the invisible barrier of Themyscira. That peaceful island of women knew this day would come. They oddly enough train for war in order to maintain peace. Diana feels the call to aid in the ending of this war. She is convinced that the god of war, Ares is behind every human conflict including this culmination of evil.

WW Fighting

She and her small band of brothers head into the heart of darkness to take down Ares and free all men from the evils of war. Diana has such passion and innocence as she risks her life in the mustard gas, body twisted fields of bloody warfare, she gets vengeance on the wrong bad guy. It is then she faces the real Ares who opens her eyes to the realities of the human race. They have a corrupt nature that he just exposed. He tries to turn her and to see humanity as undeserving of salvation. This internal struggle with Diana humbles her. It changes her. Her final battle to free mankind is a like a child who soberly sees the bigger picture with beauty and ugliness, the best and worst of things on display.

WW 2

What was meant to ruin Diana’s acts of salvation did reveal two important truths. Those who are saved realize that they are saved by grace. It isn’t because of their own doing. It is a free gift that they can take or leave. Then the part we don’t often talk about: the savior’s truth. The Savior with a pure heart and single purpose is tested. They see that the sin isn’t one-sided. Bad and good men are all corrupt. They fight for goodness, but often use the tools of their adversaries. None of them really appreciate the savior and don’t deserve it. However, the Savior is reminded who sent them and for what purpose.


Suffering for men’s choices never is cut and dry.  That is true in in any story that reveals the character, the depth of love and sacrifice that a savior journeys through. Their blood, sweat, and tears, wash through a tired and weary race who finally understands what extent peace will go to protect those in its care. The ultimate example is Jesus who took the full brunt of men’s sinful choices.  He lived among us and the reality of the day-by-day life of men and women had to be a heavy thing to witness.  Thankfully, He saved us in spite of the fact that we don’t deserve saving. There is no sugar coating our natures, yet God sent us a perfect savior.  That is why Jesus is the Christ (which means savior) the whole world needs as the war for men souls rages today.

WW Sadness

Here is a little extra layer of the film for your music lovers, like my brother Ron.  The music from Wonder Woman was a unique journey in itself.

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  1. Just reading this piece makes me want to go out and see ‘Wonder Woman’ again! I felt the inspiration the film delivered rising up in my again as I read this. There is so much beauty, power, and theological significance in this film. As I read this it made me with I was still teaching my Christianity and Popular Culture elective because this film would be a brilliant addition to the course. (That course is on hold for the minute as I team-teach a Star Wars and Contemporary Myth-Making course,) Wonder Woman is such an amazing example of how much a film can do to move the heart, mind, and spirit. You’ve illustrated that wonderfully here!


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Michael,

      I don’t know if I shared thus with you, but I teach high school as well. There is such a need to bring in fandom and other things teens can connect with. I pray you keep having great success with your writing incarnations.



      On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 10:36 AM God Among Geeks wrote:


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      1. Yes, we’ve talked about out mutual classroom exploits before. And you’re absolutely right! I find that the appeal of something familiar from popular culture can be the perfect inroad to starting an unexpected conversation about faith, often with an unexpected theological depth. It gets the kids thinking theologically but it also helps them to see how God can share sacred messages all around us, as long as we keep our eyes open to see them. The prayers are coming right back at you too my friend.


      2. gpavants says:

        Hi Michael,

        Just a quick request. Pray for me as I send my first Sci-if novel off to an agent. This was one of the reasons we started the blog was the build readership. Chronolocity has been where I have been putting my writing energy and it is always nervous putting your stuff out there. This is my team’s first venture into turning this into career venture. Hey, it is either yes or no, right?

        You will see the first adverstisments on Wed. My bros are going to head up the movie posts on Mondays and Fridays while I take a few weeks, maybe a month or so and put out our work. The funds we raise will partially go towards renting a booth and talking to people and upcoming “cons” and other events.

        Sorry if I am rambling. Just needed to know we have prayer support. If you ever need any in what you are doing you got it.

        Thanks again,


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      3. This isn’t rambling at all Gary – it’s exciting!!! I’ll be sure to keep you and your novel ‘Chronolocity’ in my prayer intentions. WOW! That’s fantastic! Like you said, the worst anyone can say is “no” and then you just send it to someone else. But there’s also always the chance for an enthusiastic “YES” too. Woo hoo! You can count on the prayers coming and continuing.


  2. jdpepe says:

    Isn’t Ares right in some way though? We humans truly aren’t deserving of salvation, that is why we have to accept the gift of grace? Because even good people do bad things at times.


    1. gpavants says:

      Just like the accuser. He isn’t exaggerating about fallen human nature. In fact is many ways he is more strict and stern in sin. Remember he wants to show he would make a better god than God. Satan hates humans because they are of higher position and power in God’s thinking. Sin ruins that, but grace restores us.


  3. geo says:


    I like your post on WW Won. I like how you talked about wonder woman’s journey throughout the movie.My question to you is what role do you think she’s going to play in the new justice league movie?

    From Geo


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