Trust Goes both Ways



By G. P. Avants


Who is a good guy and a true friend in crisis? In a world on turmoil it takes a little insight and wisdom to know whom to trust.  In Rogue One we are thrust right into a time when sides are being taken and loyalties tested.


Gaylen Erso’s life as a farmer is a far cry from his elegant life serving the Empire. His friendship with Orsen Krennic is a questionable one. Do you trust a person who would sell their own soul for a shot a greatness? This fragile friendship was broken because trust wasn’t the foundation.


Cassian Andor is not a perfect example of a squeaky clean Rebel solider. He has said and done things that break trust between friends and acquaintances. When he rescues and eventually befriends Jyn Erso, they both but heads. Neither one of them have any reason to trust each other. However, as the real enemy of their cause raises its head they learn to how to build a friendship.  Cassian was the first to say that trust goes both ways. Jyn later adopted that phrase when he and the other Rebels had to trust her character. Jyn asked the Alliance to believe her story about father’s plan to sabotage the Death Sat when there was no solid evidence. Their trust produced the unseen glue that made the weary KT-SO and the rest of their misfit team band together.


I know we have all been reminded that we live in uncertain times. Who can you trust when it seems like everyone is out for themselves and has their own personal agenda to satisfy?  Maybe the verse that says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”  is a thought to consider? People who will stand with you through the everyday struggles, the awkward pauses, the everyday routine, not to mention the white-knuckle episodes, are those you can trust.  Do you have at least one person like that and can they say that about you?


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  1. geo says:


    I liked your post on Trust Goes Both Ways. I like how you talked about why trust is something that’s lacking in todays days. My question is why do you think a lot of people lack those basic values such as respect, and truthfulness?

    From, Geo


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