We’ll Keep the Light on for You



By G. P. Avants


Have you heard of Kyber crystals? Rogue One introduced us to the unique power source used by the Jedi to power their light sabers. We finally learn about the planet Jehda, one of the main holy places the Jedi once called home. What was once a place of light and strength has been invaded and stripped bare by the hand of the Empire. From that once peaceful planet you can look up and see the shadow of the Death Star in the sky.


For millennia the Jedi kept peace and order in the galaxy. As we all know they were betrayed by one of their own. One who was meant to bring balance to the Force, began to hunt down and systematically destroy the Jedi. The scales are tipped way out of balance. So, we see fallen statues and abandoned buildings now housing Imperial forces and those enslaved to do their bidding. On Jehda the Rebels discover two horrible truths while looking for Gaylen Erso. One: the Empire is strip mining the Jedi temple of its wealth of Kyber crystals. Two: as a black-gloved slap across the face. the Kyber crystals are being used to power the Death Star. A source of power and light has now been perfected into a weapon to bring darkness and death. That same artificial moon hangs in the sky above Jehda looking down in defiance on the fallen Jedi warriors.


(In many ways it reminds me of the tiny city of Jerusalem. How many powers in the world would love to destroy that holy city and wipe its memory from the Earth?) However no matter what evil does to erase the good things it fears, it will survive. The Jedi had planted seeds of hope and reminders that their day will return when the time is right. Jyn Erso was given a Kyber crystal by her mother who trusted in the Force. Jyn was encouraged that the strongest brightest shining stars had Kyber at their hearts. We were told Jehda was one of their key planets, but I think there were others. Want to hear something crazy? After seeing the Jedi palaces and buildings, I realized I had seen that design before. Jabba’s palace on the desert planet of Tatooine had the same look. Could it be that barren world could have once been a Jedi planet? Hutts do tend to take things that don’t belong to them. Why else would they hide Luke away there and Obi-Wan watch over him?


Little things can possess great power. The Death Star had a tiny weakness strategically designed into it. One perfect shot and Kapow! It’s history. A tiny seed of faith can grow to turn into something that will last forever. Just like in fiction good always triumphs over evil. So if you are feeling like the darkness is stealing your hope remember that we, along with those who have gone before us , will keep an eternal burning light on for you.



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  1. geo says:

    Dear, GPAVANTS

    I liked your post on well keep the light on for you. I like how you talked about how the kyber crystals power the light-sabers and how in rogue one the empire were using those crystals to power their deathstar. My question what is supposed to be the story in the new star wars coming out?

    From, Geo


    1. gpavants says:

      Hi Geo,
      The Last of the Jedi will be where Luke trains Rey and Kylo gets his Sith training. It will be a lot of twists and turns in the story. We shall see. Did you hear about the Han Solo movie coming this summer?


      Mr. Avants


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