Rogue One: Walking Blind



By G.P. Avants


In Rogue One we come to a dark chapter in galactic history. The Jedi are all but extinct, while the Empire breathes a sigh of relief. What is left behind, in their eyes, are blind fools clinging to an antiquated religion whose time has passed. They have even gone so far as use the Jedi’s supposed power found in Kyber crystals to wield their own artificial brand of faith.


On the planet Jehda we see first-hand the devastation of the Jedi way of life. What remains of a Jedi holy place is now a market place where the Empire has set up temporary business. There we see a blind man, Chirrut Imwe, calling out to the sighted crowd. Though the crowd is blind to his presence and deaf to his call, a few, like Jyn and Cassian catch his gaze and listen to his plea. Chirrut wasn’t looking for a hand out or even sympathy. What he wanted was for people to have faith and not lose hope. Though he walked with a blind man’s stick he never really needed it. In fact, Chirrut’s simple staff packed a punch when he turned it into a bow caster and took out tie fighters from the sky. This man’s eyes could see when other’s grew dim. He was a reminder not to judge someone by first appearances.


Chirrut’s mantra when in trouble was, “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” He shared his faith with his friend, who often doubted Chirrut’s blind devotion. With war, sorrow, doubt, and destruction at every turn, this man lived his faith to the bitter end. In a test of his faith he stepped into the battlefield in order to save the rebellion. Even in death he passed on his walk to his once cynical friend.


Be like Chirrut and hold on to your faith. You might be the only one in a dark situation who ignites a fire and sets others aflame. The pieces of a chess board are being set. Will you just be a blind pawn that goes with the flow or prepare yourself to play the game to the very end?


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