My Guitar Gently, yet Powerfully, Weeps



By G.P Avants


I saw the trailer for Kubo of the Two Strings and knew right away that it would be unique. As we have discussed before, pairing the right visuals with the perfect song creates something beyond mere words. Music is a unique tool that really does change your perception towards what you see or experience.

Kubo’s mother was the keeper of a very special instrument. It looked like a simple guitar with a Japanese flair. With it she could create whatever her imagination could dream up. She fearlessly guarded her young son, Kubo from being taken by her father the Moon King. In her battle, the very forces of the night broke her and she was just a shell of her former self. Kubo took the mantle as the guardian of his mother and the guitar.


He and his mother his mother endured a lot of sadness in their lives. So, it was fitting to hear a whole new rendition of George Harrison’s ballad, “My Guitar Gently Weeps”, accompanying our heroes battles. Music literally turned the course of events for Kubo and his companions.  Kubo uses his imagination and the power of music to reset his topsy turvey often confusing world, back to a state of normal.


Even if you are not a music connoisseur, you have to admit it runs like a living orchestra throughout all of our lives. I heard a good friend of mine describe Heaven as built on light and music. That’s an awesome concept. If God’s words and His imagination are powerful, imagine what adding music would do? There is real power for change bound up in the notes and arrangements of songs. Maybe we should truly consider the words our mouths speak and the music that we take in with our ears (and souls)? It could all really change the course of things in our lives. As Kubo reminds us, “Don’t blink, for if you do, our hero will surely perish.”

So listen when other things drowned out what you really need to hear.



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  1. Ron Avants says:

    I think George would be proud. He always knew the truth with music, even when man fights its demons. Music is honest and dosent hide.


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