He who Has Ears to Hear



By G.P. Avants


In the Netflix series, Dare Devil, we come to meet Matt Murdock. He is a blind lawyer who sees justice from a different perspective. His father’s lessons as a boxer, remind him that the real fight isn’t always what you see outside, but what’s inside a person that matters.


In the and out of the courtroom, Murdock listens to people to really understand who they are and uncover layers bundle beneath. His silence speaks more than most people’s excessive words. Once Murdock sees what is really going on, he acts. Often it’s in ways that the seeing world may view as odd or even deviant.


Murdock once took money from a dirty client to get into a place where he can help those being black-mailed. Is he often misunderstood for his view on reality? Of course. However, his black and white view of the world, cuts through the distracting and garish world of color that can often white washes the underlying truth. His ears really listen to the individual heart-beats, the clicking watches on a people’s wrists to understand how both are connected. People who understand Murdock see a lawyer standing in silence and hold their breath. They know he has seen the truth and is about the share it with the rest of the courtroom.



Our eyes can easily deceive us. People aren’t surface creatures. How many huge issues could be avoided if we really found the core of the problem at the onset?  Having the ability to really see beyond the sharp words, emotional tears, and Freudian blurts is something that is sorely needed. When we pause and listen to the truth, our educated and may I say inspired response, can be powerful enough to leave the jury speechless.

How have you been able to really hear what someone else is really saying?

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