Don’t be Hero Deficient 


Team Arrow

G.P. Avants


Superman can’t kill without it killing him inside. Batman needs to trust that others have good in them. The Flash is smart, but can’t think under pressure. Green Arrow can’t unbend and fix everything himself.


Change what you think when it comes to being a hero. A one man team is an oxymoron. Oliver Queen was given a task to save the people of his city. He depended on his own convictions, strengths, and skill set to do the job. However, each trial and trouble Ollie passed through has brought people into his life that he never knew he could ever live, really live life without. In his light to save others, he found friendship, team effort, loyalty, courage, sacrifice, brotherhood, and love. Of course this could apply to the Flash, the Avengers, the Justice League, The Legends of Tomorrow, The X-Men, and the list goes on. No superhero is an island. I love the idea that when you work with others you are more than the sum of your parts.


Have you been asked to take on a task or a calling that is bigger than you are? How has asking for help been the way to accomplish the monumental job before you? Are you hero deficient, or hero sufficient?

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