“Thank you Doctor!” Van Gogh’s Beauty

R3  – Rodriguez


“I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God’s help I shall succeed.”

– Vincent Van Gogh


The mind is a wonderful example of how awesome God is. From a medical and scientific view, the brain is just a mass of soft tissue in the skull that contains a nervous system considered to be the “Central Station” of the body.


Emotions can be triggered by different situations.  I know I’m not along in saying that emotions ran through me when Kylo’s erratic lightsaber pierced his father’s torso during Force Awakens.  Happiness is spending time with loved ones.  Sadness can be due to the loss of a loved one.

I’m Sure almost everybody can agree that sadness along with fear and anxiousness are feelings that we wish never happen. But they are a part of life and even occur without warning.  It is normal to feel sad at moments, but it’s important to talk to someone about these feelings, like a parent or your Pastor at church.


I was watching the Vincent Van Gogh episode of Dr. Who recently and made me think of sadness and pain in a different way.  Vincent, who had his own battles with depression, traveled with the Doctor to present time to witness a gallery of his own work.  It was then the curator of the exhibit explained that through Vincent’s painful life and depression, he would not have created such beautiful works of art.  Though the Good Lord sometimes has us go through paths of pain and sadness, He also has the ability to make something beautiful out of it.


How has your pain and trials created something beautiful in your life?




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  1. gpavants says:

    Hi Rudy,

    You have to love how the Lord turns sorrow and sadness into beautiful things. Yes, I can attest to that daily. The Lord always takes beauty from ashes. Think about this; the Pearly Gates in the New Jerusalem are each made of a single pearl. How are pearls made?

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