In the Time of Micheal Burnham


By G.P.Avants

Star Trek Discovery introduced us to Micheal Burnham. She appeared to be an ordinary girl who was born into a relatively normal life…as far as she knew. Her parents were Starfleet scientists who…actually were working undercover with the top secret Section 31. They discovered how to time travel with a stolen Klingon time crystal. Micheal Burnham lost her parents, was adopted by Spock’s family, inadvertently started a war, sent to prison, had a second chance to help the Federation, saved her crew from a mirror universe, and then ended up being a key player in a time paradox that could end with the destruction of all life in the galaxy.

MB 2

Micheal Burnham’s journey through time has brought her into the lives of so many people and circumstances. It’s wild how one person can set off a chain reaction that actually affects the course of history. Just in Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery Michael:

1. Helped a very by the black and white, by the book, Captain Pike find his faith again while navigating through shades of gray.

2. Fought for her brother Spock when everyone else considered him lost and mentally off the deep end.

3. Turned crew members who were once in complete animosity towards her into her a close-knit family.

4. Encouraged the fearful Saru to find his courage and help bring back an oppressed people’s lost dignity.

5. Learned how to love and teach other conflicted people what power lies within sealed off emotions

6. Assisted broken people who felt less human with mechanical augmentation, get a better hold on their humanity.

7. Countering others who discover inhuman evil hiding in plain sight and stop one of Starfleet’s greatest threats, the Borg from destroying all life.

8. And finally, was given a task the correct a timeline that only she was designed to do.


Michael soon got a larger view on how to influence the time she was placed into and acknowledged a unseen hand was guiding her all along. She knew that every step she took was no accident and the cynic knew an intelligent design was set into motion. Her dormant faith and hope began to come back to life. That could not be contained and Michael’s faith in action changed the people, friends and enemies alike. When she had to face a future alone in order to set things right she had inspired her crew mates to join her even though they too might never come back. Isn’t that what a life well lived will do to others around them?


It makes me think of a Biblical story about a young lady named Esther. She was taken from her Jewish roots and through extraordinary circumstances became a queen. Her destiny became something larger when her action or inaction would decide the fate of an entire nation. Esther had to decide whether she would step out of her safe and comfortable life or risk her life for something greater than herself.


None of us ever has the choice of being put into a specific time or place and history. Like Michael Burnham, some would question why they might even exist at all. Life can feel like a random wheel of chance that has no rhyme or reason. Others rise to the challenge and answer a call that was specifically for them alone to answer. If history has an author and we are the characters in it doesn’t that prove your importance to the story?


How many of us have heard that still small voice calling us to take a step of faith? What do you think you are meant to do with the time you have been placed into?




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  1. Nancy says:

    Michael’s storyline became TOO MUCH. Every episode was about her and how only she could save all of humanity. While I didn’t grow to dislike her, I did grow weary of her.


    1. gpavants says:

      Thank you, Nancy, for taking time to comment.
      I understand. I guess the premise was to focus on her and her struggles. I did like the people who grew alongside her, like Capt. Pike and Spock. Maybe things will change up in Season 3. Of course with the Picard series we might see more of the same. I try to look at what to take away from them and the others around them.

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      1. Nancy says:

        Sorry, I was pretty negative in my comments! I loved Pike and Tilly and am very much looking forward to the Picard series.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. gpavants says:

        You weren’t negative at all. It’s a good reminder that a character is defined by all sorts of people, circumstances, and events. I love to see how social dynamics work among characters as a whole. Are you excited about Picard?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nancy says:

        Yes, esp if characters from TNG have cameos during the season!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. gpavants says:

        DS9 and Voyager as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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