Who’s the Brains in this Outfit? 



By G. P. Avants



Bruce Banner takes a breather. He is one of the four original Avengers that has survived Thanos’ balancing of the universe. He and the cowering Hulk are alone together inside the Hulkbuster having a little heart-to-heart chat.


Banner: Okay, big guy.

Hulk: What?

Banner: It’s time we had a little talk.

Hulk: (Sighs) No.

Banner: (Grunts) You can’t hide inside forever.

BB 1

Hulk: You hide when Hulk fight.

Banner: That is a very bad analogy,

Hulk: An..allergy?

Banner: (through his teeth) Bad choice of words. Bad example. I didn’t have a choice, you big dummy. You get angry and I am along for the ride. (to himself) Funny how the roles have changed. If felt good to help win the fight.


Hulk: Puny Banner is not good in a fight.

Banner: What?! You’re kidding, right?

Hulk: I am Hulk, you are not.

Banner: I am not believing what I am hearing. Who put on this Hulkbuster suit and got right into a war out there?! Who? Me, that’s who.

Hulk: Hate that name.

Banner: War?


Hulk: Hulk buster. Why did you make it? To hurt Hulk?

Banner: No,..no,no.

Hulk: No one hurts Hulk…until…

Banner: Thanos.

Hulk: Hate that name, too.

Banner: He…smashed Hulk.

Hulk fear

Hulk: That is what Hulk do, not him.

Banner: (reaches up awkwardly and pats his own shoulder) It’s hard to lose, isn’t it?

Hulk: (grumbles)

Banner: I have gained a lot from losing. Some of my best ideas came from getting…beat. It makes me think clearer.

Hulk: Not thinking for Hulk. Only doing something.

Banner: You are learning it takes more than muscle to win a fight.

Hulk: It…hurts.

BB 7

Banner: Yes, yes it does.

Hulk: All over. Head hurts too. Too much thinking. Too much talking.

Banner: Now you know how I feel every time you take charge of things.

Hulk: Don’t want to anymore.

Banner: Now you know what fear is?

Hulk: What is…fear?

Banner: Boy, (To himself) how do I explain that? Fear is when you are scared to do something you know you need to do.

Hulk 2

Hulk: Hmmmm.

Banner: I hate to tell you this, big guy, but our team needs the Hulk. (He sighs) They need us both to be united.

Hulk: ( Laughs) What can puny Banner do?

Banner: I can show courage, even just a little.

Hulk: What is that?

Banner: That is being afraid, but…doing what you need to do anyway.

Hulk: Banner, you scared, too?

BB 6

Banner: Damn right I am, most of the time I am with forces more powerful than I am.  But you see, Hulk, just being a hero is more than just going full on rage monster and smashing things up.

Hulk: Hulk not hero.

Banner: But…I want us…what we are… to be. The world doesn’t need any more monsters.

Hulk: Hulk don’t know.

Banner: Things are changing for all of us. You need my brain and I need your muscle.


Hulk: We…are a team?

Banner: I would like that.

(There is a metal tapping in the Hulk Buster face mask)

Hulk: More trouble?

(Tony Stark looks in on the tired Banner)

Stark: Can I please speak with the brains in this outfit?


Hulk: Ah, funny little metal man again.

Banner: Yes, trouble of a different kind. Nothing to be afraid of.

Hulk: Not afraid of metal man.

Stark: Are you and the big guy done

with your little Smeagol/Gollum debate?

Banner: Sort of.

Stark: Isn’t that…precious.


Banner: What’s up, Tony?

Stark: Are you and your other half back together?

Banner: What do you think? I’m still attempting to coax our green rage machine out.

Stark: We are doing damage control, out here, buddy.  We are getting the band back together. Ready to suit up, both of you.

Banner: I am…how about you, Hulk?





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  1. This was a really well done piece! When you mentioned it I was expecting more of an analysis, not a character dialogue. The surprise made it more fun :). I liked how you showed some depth to the Hulk. One of my complaints about the MCU was it took so long for them to realize that Hulk was always more than an uncontrollable monster. He is a hero in his own right, even if he is born of personified anger and hurt. I like how you show he’s more than just “Hulk smash!” here.

    In the comics back in the 90’s they did a whole arc where the Hulk and Banner personalities merge into one being. So, instead of changing, it’s the Hulk’s body/power with Banner’s mind…and a bit of Hulk’s rage comes through in a cockiness and/or arrogance for Banner. I’ve always enjoyed the uniqueness of that story and I saw shadows of it here. I loved the idea of them just talking like this. Thank you for a wonderful, character-driven reflection on relationship too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. gpavants says:

      Yes, I think they have opened some great character issues with these two.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. gpavants says:

      So, when you and Hanna work on the Forceful Mind piece, have fun with the character and dialog. I believe the younger trooper you have can be a little more innocent, but by the book guy, maybe a little afraid to buck the system.
      Have fun. The Justice League piece, Can We Have Order, is Episode #30 is our third Fan-Fiction piece. It will post in about a month. There will be another at episode #40. Yours will be #50. I would say you have 2-3 month window.

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      1. Again, I write with Kalie. I teach with Hannah. They are separate people. And, remember, Kalie’s doing her PhD work which, even over the summer, requires a lot of reading. So we’ll keep you posted and certainly play around with it when we can but, if/when it’s finished can only be on our (sometimes random) timetable. I know it’s not ideal on your end but that’s the only way we can do work like this at this point in time.


      2. gpavants says:

        Hi Micheal,

        Sorry, I mixed up your ladies. When you are all ready. Though I hope we can get it out before Episode X. We have two we are working on to get in before then. No stress, bro. I know it will flow. I love the fact that we are part of the beginnings of media missions. Gotta take baby steps before you run.



        On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 6:59 AM, God Among Geeks wrote:


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      3. Sounds like a plan. We’ll keep you posted.

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